EA Sports WRC MOZA Racing Settings Guide + FFB Fix!

Here are our recommended force feedback settings for the MOZA R9 and R12 wheels in EA Sports WRC. Includes in-game force feedback settings and recommended MOZA Pit House settings.

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EA Sports WRC Wheel compatibility list

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EA Sports WRC is a cracking rally game and a great evolution of the older Dirt Rally series. However, setting up a racing wheel to feel just right in this rally sim can be pretty tricky. Unlike racing on an asphalt track, EA Sports WRC throws a lot of different surfaces at you, all of which feel differently through a racing wheel.

I have spent a good few months with EA Sports WRC using a MOZA Racing wheel, and feel that I’ve nailed a pretty good set of wheel settings for the best overall force feedback. In this guide, I’ll run through my recommended MOZA wheel settings for EA Sports WRC. I am using a MOZA Racing R12, however, these settings translate well to other MOZA wheels including the R9 and more powerful R16 and R21.

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How to configure your MOZA Racing wheel

Setting up any racing wheel in EA Sports WRC isn’t too tricky. Many racing wheels from popular brands such as Logitech and Fanatec are recognised right away. However, some newer brands including MOZA and Asetek can run into some trouble.

This is because, racing wheels from these brands aren’t directly supported in game, meaning a little bit of setup is required to get them working correctly. One of the key issues surrounding MOZA Racing wheels in EA Sports WRC is the lack of force feedback. This happens on the PC version of the game, and is easily fixed.

The first thing you should do when setting up your MOZA Racing wheel for EA Sports WRC is to ensure your wheel and pedals are correctly connected to your PC. Then ensure you have MOZA’s Pit House software downloaded and installed.

How to fix no MOZA force feedback on EA Sports WRC

With your wheel connected and powered on and Pit House installed, we can go about fixing the issue of no force feedback for MOZA wheels in EA Sports WRC.

  • Step 1: Go to the path: WRC/Content/input/Windows/devices
  • Step 2: Open the devices file and copy the following code into the file before the line that reads </device_list>
<device official=”false” type=”wheel” name=”moza_wheel_r16_r21″ id=”{0000346E-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}” priority=”100″ />

<device official=”false” type=”wheel” name=”moza_wheel_r9″ id=”{0002346E-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}” priority=”100″ />

<device official=”false” type=”wheel” name=”moza_wheel_r5″ id=”{0004346E-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}” priority=”100″ />

<device official=”false” type=”pedal” name=”moza_pedal_crp” id=”{0001346E-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}” priority=”100″ />

<device official=”false” type=”pedal” name=”moza_pedal_srp” id=”{0003346E-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}” priority=”100″ />

MOZA Racing wheel settings for EA Sports WRC

With the force feedback for MOZA wheels in EA Sports WRC fixed, we can now focus on the best force feedback settings. These are the settings that I have settled on after a few months of racing and various tweaking. The settings below are the WRC in-game settings that can be changed from the wheel settings in the game.

Vibration and FeedbackOn
Self Aligning Torque58
Wheel Friction35
Tire Friction15
Tire Slip190
Soft Lock100
Steering Centre ForceOff
Steering Centre Force ScaleN/A

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MOZA R9 & R12 wheel settings in Pit House

While changing the in-game settings goes half the way to making the driving in EA Sports WRC feel better. You can and should also change and update the settings for your MOZA wheel directly in Pit House.

Within the Pit House software you have a lot of options to tweak your wheel. These include adjusting the overall strength to the steering lock of your wheel and many advanced options.

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    Below are the recommended settings that I use in Pit House for both the MOZA R9 and R12 wheels. For the R16 and R21, you can adjust some of the settings down including the game force feedback intensity. This will prevent the wheel from feeling incredibly powerful.

    I’ll start by looking at the basic settings in Pit House. If you don’t want to get too technical, you can adjust these and then start racing. These set various elements such as the overall force feedback strength from your wheel and the steering lock.

    Basic SettingsValue
    Maximum Steering Angle1080
    Road Sensitivity10
    Game Force Feedback Intensity100
    Maximum Wheel Speed80
    Wheel Spring Strength0
    Wheel Damper20

    Below are the advanced settings inside Pit House. These go a bit further beyond the basic settings above. Here you can change elements such as torque limits, friction and damping. You can adjust how your steering wheel reacts to the surface and how heavy it feels during racing with these settings.

    Advanced SettingsValue
    Maximum Output Torque Limit100
    Hands-Off ProtectionOff
    Steering Wheel InertiaN/A
    Natural Inertia130
    Wheel Friction10
    Speed-dependant Damping0
    Start Point0

    Below are the advanced force feedback effect equalizer settings. These tweak the strength of forces at different frequencies. This is a great way to really tailor the details of the force feedback.

    FFB Effect EqualizerValue

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    Frequently asked questions

    How to get MOZA force feedback working on EA Sports WRC

    At launch, none of the MOZA Racing wheels were supported by EA Sports WRC. If you tried to connect them, you may have run into an issue of no force feedback. This can be fixed by adding a few lines of code to a core WRC file. Continue reading this guide to view the code you need to copy.

    Can these settings be used on the MOZA R5?

    These EA Sports WRC force feedback settings were created using an R12 and R9. However, you can use them with both the MOZA R3 and MOZA R5 racing wheels.

    Does MOZA work with EA Sports WRC on Xbox?

    The MOZA R3 does work with EA Sports WRC on PC using the force feedback fix in this guide. However, it hasn’t been confirmed yet whether the MOZA R3 is compatible with the Xbox version of EA Sports WRC.

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