EA Sports WRC Logitech G923 Settings Guide

Here are the best wheel settings for the Logitech G923 in EA Sports WRC. I'll show you how to change your settings, what each setting does and my recommendation for the G923.

EA Sports WRC Logitech G923 Settings

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The new era of WRC games is upon us with Codemasters and EA taking back the license. This means things are pretty different this year compared to previous WRC titles.

In this guide, I’m going to jump right into the best Logitech G923 settings for EA Sports WRC. I’ll show you how to change your wheel settings, and give you a brief overview of what each wheel setting does. Finally, I’ll show you my recommended wheel settings for the Logitech G923 in this year’s WRC title.

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Watch our Logitech G923 EA Sports WRC settings video

Below is a video showing you our recommended EA Sports WRC Logitech G923 force feedback settings.

Changing wheel bindings

The first thing that you’ll want to do when jumping into EA Sports WRC for the first time is to check your wheel bindings. Here you can make sure that your wheel is correctly recognised and that all bindings are set up to your own preference.

Check things like the shifting is mapped correctly, and certain buttons like the handbrake and wipers are configured to an input that you can easily use in the heat of a rally stage. To change any binding, simply scroll to it. Hit the confirm button on your wheel which is normally A or X on a Logitech G923. Then press the new binding.

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All EA Sports WRC racing wheel settings explained

Now, I’m going to look at the advanced wheel settings and the vibration settings as this is where you can really make some differences in how your racing wheel feels. And by default, I noticed that my Logitech G923 felt kind of heavy and sluggish during certain moments. So I’ve addressed that in these settings.

Below is every setting with a brief overview of what it does along with my recommendation of how to set each setting for maximum control with your wheel.

EA Sports WRC Wheel settings

Steering linearity: The steering linearity setting for the Logitech G923 will affect the overall linearity curve of your steering inputs. Setting this higher than 0 will make your initial inputs towards the center of the wheel feel less sensitive. But as you rotate the wheel further, the wheel inputs become larger in game. Ideally, you should keep this set to or close to 0.

Vibration and feedback: On

The main vibration and feedback setting dictates whether force feedback will be enabled or not. You always want to ensure this is turned on otherwise you won’t feel any forces or vibration through your racing wheel.

Self-aligning torque: 85

The self aligning torque impacts how strong the forces are based around your wheel’s self alignment. This is the sensation of the steering wheel wanting to rotate on its own based on a natural wheel position or to the wheel centre.

For example, if you throw your car sideways into a corner, your wheel will automatically want to correct itself and rotate on its own. This setting affects the strength of this sensation. I would recommend setting this to around 110.

Wheel friction: 15

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Both wheel and tyre friction can be felt through the wheel in the form of added weight, almost like a dampening sensation. They both add weight to the wheel and make it heavier to turn. I recommend lowering both the wheel friction and tyre friction settings to make the wheel feel lighter.

Tyre friction: 30

The tyre friction is very similar to the wheel friction in that it simulates friction between the tyres and the road surface. This fundamentally adds weight to your racing wheel making it harder to turn. Although the tyre friction setting is portrayed better in game than wheel friction.

Suspension: 120

The suspension setting affects how aggressive the road surface is. Higher settings will cause your wheel to vibrate more as you drive over rough surfaces such as loose gravel. Increasing this to around 120 will helpyou better feel the surface.

Tyre slip: 110

The tyre slip setting is new to EA Sports WRC when compared to DIRT Rally 2.0. It controls how the wheel feels and behaves during low traction moments such as understeer. I have increased this slightly to 110 to emphasise these moments making them easier to recognise.

Engine: 90

The engine setting will adjust how much vibration you feel in your racing wheel that is generated by your engine. Higher settings will increase the vibration felt as your car revs. I’ve lowered it ever so slightly to 90 to reduce the impact the engine has on my force feedback.

Collision: 80

I’ve lowered the collision setting to 80. This controls how much force the Logitech G923 generate when you make contact with something. Higher settings can cause the wheel to jolt aggressively when you crash. I lowered it slightly to help regain control of the wheel easier.

Soft lock: 100

I’ve kept the soft lock setting at 100. This is the strength of the soft lock when you rotate the steering wheel past its steering lock. You can feel this when rotating the wheel to maximum. A lower setting will make the soft lock less noticeable and allow you to continue to rotate your steering wheel which isn’t what you want. 100 or higher here is ideal.

Steering centre force: On

This setting simply turns on the centring force when you restart a stage or reset your car. It will ensure your steering wheel is pointing straight during these scenarios and doesn’t really impact the driving.

Steering centre force scale: 100

The final force feedback setting in EA Sports WRC is the steering centre force scale. This is the strength that the wheel will rotate to centre during a reset or restart of a stage. Leaving this at 100 is absolutely fine.

How to change wheel settings in EA Sports WRC

Changing the wheel settings for your Logitech G923 in EA Sports WRC is incredibly easy. Simply navigate to the settings menu from the home screen and then over to the controls tab.

You will be shown the racing wheel that you have connected to the game. Select it and then choose edit device. From here, you’ll then find three sub-menus, your binding, advanced settings and vibration settings. I touched on how to change the wheel bindings at the beginning of this guide.

Advanced settings

To change the advanced settings, simply scroll over to the advanced settings window or click on it with a mouse. You’ll have a few settings that can be changed in here.

Vibration settings

The main force feedback settings can be found in the vibration settings. Scroll right to get to the vibration settings or select it with your mouse. Then scroll down to the settings you wish to change and scroll left or right on the setting slider to make adjustments.

Quit out of these menus once you have configured your Logitech G923 racing wheel and the changes will be saved.

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