EA Sports WRC Fanatec CSL DD Settings Guide

Here are our recommended wheel settings for the Fanatec CSL DD in EA Sports WRC. Includes in-game force feedback settings and Fanatec wheel settings for the CSL DD and GT DD Pro.

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Fanatec CSL DD wheel settings EA Sports WRC

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EA Sports WRC is the spiritual successor of Codemaster’s much-loved DIRT Rally 2.0 game. Now carrying the weight of the official WRC license, this game is really stretching its legs towards being one of the best rally titles in years.

Despite this, some of the default racing wheel settings aren’t overly optimised. In this guide, I run through my recommended wheel settings for the Fanatec CSL DD in EA Sports WRC.

These updated Fanatec wheel settings will make your CSL DD racing wheel come alive and stop being too heavy and sluggish which is the main issue with the default settings.

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Watch our Fanatec CSL DD EA Sports WRC settings video

Below is our video showing our recommended force feedback settings for EA Sports WRC with the Fanatec CSL DD.

Configuring your Fanatec CSL DD wheel

The first thing to do when launching EA Sports WRC is to configure your Fanatec CSL DD wheel correctly. This will ensure that your wheel is connected and working as it should.

Thankfully, the CSL DD is supported from launch in EA Sports WRC. There really isn’t too much set up required. Simply make sure your wheel is connected to your Xbox, PS5 or PC and switched on.

Then navigate over to the controls setting menu which can be found in the main settings. You will be presented with the list of devices that are connected, and you should see your Fanatec CSL DD along with your pedals and any other peripherals you may have attached.

Make sure the CSL DD is set to the primary device. Then you can click into it and start to edit the settings. You can adjust the controller bindings to make sure inputs such as changing gear and any button inputs like the windscreen wipers are set to the correct button. Then, head into the advanced settings to start tweaking the main settings that affect your force feedback.

Fanatec CSL DD racing wheel settings for EA Sports WRC

The first true settings that you should configure are the advanced settings. These include the steering linearity and a few extra settings such as enabling soft lock. Below are our recommended wheel settings for the Fanatec CSL DD in EA Sports WRC along with a description on what each setting changes.

Steering linearity: 0

The first setting you can change is the steering linearity. This adjusts the linearity curve of your Fanatec racing wheel. Leaving this at 0 is recommended for a true 1:1 linearity in game.

Vibration and feedback: On

Make sure the vibration and feedback setting is enabled so you can feel force feedback through your CSL DD.

Self-aligning torque: 80 (65 for 8Nm)

Self-aligning torque essentially dictates the force that your racing wheel will return to centre or correct itself as you turn into and through corners. Higher settings will increase the force at which the wheel tries to auto-centre and auto-correct.

Wheel friction: 20

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    The wheel friction adds weight to your racing wheel by using friction within the wheels. Lowering this is ideal as it loosens up your racing wheel making it much more dynamic and reactive.

    Tyre friction: 45

    Tyre friction is similar to the wheel friction and provides wheel damping based on your tyre’s friction. Setting this to around 45-50 is ideal as you’ll still feel force when your tyres bounce into and out of contact with the road surface. But lowering it allows your wheel to become lighter, much like with wheel friction above.

    Suspension: 90

    Your suspension feedback setting controls how much force you feel in your Fanatec CSL DD that is generated by the suspension. It is important to keep this relatively close to 100 so you can feel how your car is bouncing over bumps and jumps. Lowering it reduces some of the constant force that can distract away from other more important feedback.

    Tyre slip: 85

    Tyre slip feedback will provide information based on how your tyres are interacting with the surface. Unlike tyre friction, tyre slip provides more detail based on when your tyres are slipping across the surface either through understeer or oversteer moments.

    Engine: 95

    Changing the engine feedback adjusts how much impact your engine revs have on the overall feedback felt through your CSL DD. Higher settings make the engine noise more prominent in the force feedback. A setting of around 95 is ideal for the Fanatec CSL DD.

    Collision: 60

    I have lowered the collision setting down to around 60. This is the force felt when you crash or hit something, so doesn’t need to be too high otherwise it’ll cause unnecessary jolting in your wheel.

    Soft lock: 100

    The soft lock setting dictates how strong the soft lock is once you reach the full rotation of your wheel. This is very much down to personal preference, but 100 feels fine for me.

    Steering centre force: On

    The steering centre force is the term for the centring of your wheel between stages and when resetting your car. It doesn’t affect gameplay.

    Steering centre force scale: 100

    The strength of the steering centre force will dictate how fast the wheel returns to centre when resetting your car. Again, this is down to personal preference and doesn’t really affect gameplay.

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    Fanatec CSL DD wheel settings

    You can also change the force feedback settings directly on your Fanatec wheel base, or using the Fanatec control panel. I’d highly recommend doing this as these settings can have a larger impact than the in-game WRC wheel settings.

    Below are the wheel settings that I’ve found perform well for the Fanatec CSL DD in EA Sports WRC. To input these settings on your wheel, access the Fanatec tuning menu using the tuning button on your steering wheel. Then navigate through each setting using the joystick on your wheel.


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    Frequently asked questions

    Does the Fanatec CSL DD work on EA Sports WRC?

    The Fanatec CSL DD is directly compatible with EA Sports WRC on Xbox and PC. If you are racing on PS5, you can use the GT DD Pro with these exact settings to achieve the same performance.

    Can these settings be used on the Fanatec GT DD Pro?

    The CSL DD and GT DD Pro are almost identical in every way. If you are racing EA Sports WRC on PS5 with the GT DD Pro, you can use these exact settings.

    Can I use these settings for the Fanatec ClubSport DD and DD+?

    These settings can be used for the new Fanatec ClubSport DD and DD+ wheels, although some settings may need to be adjusted slightly. Both the Fanatec ClubSport DD and DD+ will work in EA Sports WRC once they are shipped.

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    Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.