EA Sports WRC Controller Settings Guide

Here are the best controller settings for EA Sports WRC along with a detailed guide on what each controller setting does and how to change each setting for maximum control.

EA Sports WRC Controller Settings

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EA Sports WRC is a game that is as enjoyable when racing on a controller as it is with a racing wheel. While using a racing wheel like the Logitech G923 in EA Sports WRC can give you finer levels of control over the mighty rally cars, a well-configured controller can yield results that are just as good.

In this guide, I’ll run through how to change your controller settings in EA Sports WRC. I’ll also give you a detailed explanation of what each controller setting does along with our recommendation on the best controller settings for maximum levels of control using a pad.

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Watch our EA Sports WRC Controller settings video

Below is a video that runs through every controller setting and shows our recommended settings.

How to change controller settings in EA Sports WRC

If you are familiar with other EA Sports racing games such as F1 23, the menu in EA Sports WRC will be immediately familiar. It uses a similar tiled layout, which makes finding different settings incredibly easy.

To adjust the controller settings in EA Sports WRC, you can navigate to the options and extras menu from the main screen. Then jump into the controls tab. Here, you’ll see a few different menus that allow you to adjust your controller in different ways.

Changing controller bindings

The first set of options allows you to change your button mapping and bindings. Here is the perfect place to ensure that your controller inputs control what you want them to while racing. You can change any button input by scrolling down to it. Then edit the binding by pressing the correct button. On an Xbox controller it is the A button, on a PS5 controller, it’ll be X.

Then select the new input you wish to use for that control. This will change the button binding immediately. You can then jump into a rally stage and check that all buttons are working correctly.

Advanced settings

The advanced settings allow you to change a couple of settings related to your steering. Both the steering sensitivity and the linearity will change how the movement of your left analogue stick relates to in-game steering. You can adjust these by simply moving the slider along the bar to your desired setting.

Vibration settings

Finally, the vibration settings give you some more advanced feedback settings that can change how your control vibrates and behaves during specific scenarios. I’ll look at each setting in more detail in the segment below.

All controller settings explained

Now I want to jump into each controller setting in EA Sports WRC in more detail. I’ll look at both the advanced and vibration controller settings to give you some recommendations on how to best set up your controller for ultimate precision while racing through a rally stage at speed.

Steering sensitivity: The steering sensitivity setting in EA Sports WRC directly controls how sensitive your steering inputs are. If you increase this setting, you will notice that your steering inputs create more intense steering in-game. Lower settings will make the steering less responsive.

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Steering linearity: The steering linearity changes the linearity curve of your steering inputs. Set at 5, you will have completely linear steering which is what you’ll want in most cases. Changing this will make the steering more or less sensitive at the start and end of your steering inputs.

Vibration and feedback: The vibration and feedback setting needs to be on for any vibration to be felt in game.

Suspension: The suspension setting controls how prominent the suspension feedback is in your controller. Increasing this will allow the sensation of bumps and elevation changes to be more prominent in the overall force feedback.

Tyre slip: The tyre slip setting will adjust how easy it is to notice tyre slip effects through the vibration in your controller. These effects include feedback such as understeer and oversteer as well as when you start to lose traction.

Engine: Changing the engine setting will adjust how much the engine revs affect your controller’s vibration. Higher settings will make the revs more prominent which can help you decode when to change gear. Although this setting can also mask some other more important feedback so I wouldn’t recommend setting it too high.

Collision: Finally, the collision setting will adjust how strong impacts feel in your controller. I’d recommend keeping this pretty low as you’ll notice when you hit something during a rally stage and don’t necessarily need the controller vibration feedback to tell you.

The best EA Sports WRC controller settings

Below are the recommended settings that I would use for the best EA Sports WRC controller settings.

Steering sensitivity55
Steering linearity5
Vibration and feedbackOn
Tyre slip140

The overall controller settings in EA Sports WRC do feel a touch weak by default. Boosting the main vibration setting will increase the overall vibration that you feel. I’ve also increased the suspension setting to 120 and the tyre slip to 140 as these are the two most important parts of the controller feedback.

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