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Track Titan is one of the leading sim racing analysis tools and can be used to compare your telemetry with Esports professionals in the most popular titles including F1 24, ACC and iRacing.

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Track Titan 50% Off Discount Code

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Using a tool like Track Titan is one of our top tips on becoming faster in F1 24 and other sim racing titles. It lets you compare detailed telemetry from your own sessions in games such as F1 24, Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing.

You can compare your own data with previous laps to see how you are improving over time. One of my favourite ways to improve my own lap times is to compare your lap data with other drivers. These can be friends or those at a similar skill level to yourself or to incredibly fast Esports drivers.

The comparison part of Track Titan will overlay your telemetry with the lap your comparing. This lets you see when you are braking in comparison as well as your steering and throttle inputs.

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There is a free trial of Track Titan, which gives you a set number of laps to try out their software. If you use our discount code, you can have access to data from unlimited laps across a free 30 day trial period.

Use our code SIMRACINGSETUP for 50% discount on your first three months membership and unlimited free trial laps for 30 days.

How to use our Track Titan discount code?

USing our discount code is incredibly simple when signing up to a new Track Titan membership. It is important to note that the code can only be redeemed once and you can only use it if you haven’t had an active Track Titan membership in the past.

  1. Head over to Track Titan

    The first step is to head over to Track Titan’s platform, which you can find at this link.

  2. Create a free Track Titan account

    Before choosing your membership level, you should create a free account. Using our unique link to Track Titan will grant you unlimited laps in your first 30 days.

  3. Choose your membership

    When you are signed into the Track Titan platform, head over to the memberships tab using the left hand navigation bar. Decide which membership you wish to try out and click the upgrade button. Our code will only apply to the Plus membership.

  4. Apply our discount code at checkout

    Choosing a membership will take you to the checkout page where you confirm your purchase. Make sure you enter our discount code to apply the 50% off your first 3 months membership.

Where to find Track Titan discount codes?

There are two very good Track Titan discount codes that you can find.

Sim Racing Setups

Our code will grant you 50% off your first 3 months of the Plus membership level. It will also grant you unlimited free trial laps for 30 days.

MOZA Racing

Another good Track Titan code is available when you buy any MOZA Racing product. On every successful purchase, you’ll be given a code for an extended 60 day free trial of Track Titan. This doesn’t grant any discount on upgrading to a Plus membership like our SIMRACINGSETUP code does, however, it does provide an extended free trial period.

Find out how to use Track Titan to help you improve your lap times in F1 24.


Do Track Titan discount codes work with every membership level?

Our promo code will give you 50% off three months of the Plus membership level. Unfortunatly, at this time, the code does not give a discount on the Premium or Ultra memberships.

Why is my discount code not working?

Our SIMRACINGSETUP Track Titan discount code may not work in a few scenarios. It is only available to new users who haven’t had a membership in the past. It is also only available when you upgrade to the Plus membership level.

Does the code work for new or returning members?

Our discount voucher code only works for new members who haven’t used the platform before.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.