Asetek Sim Sports is a Danish sim racing brand specialising in high end sim racing hardware. Their range of premium racing wheels bring the realism of on track racing to the digital world through the use of immersive direct drive technology. We have a wide range of buyers guides to help you decide whether an Asetek racing wheel or pedal set is right for you, and which products are the best picks. If you already own an Asetek racing wheel, read our recommended settings guides for various sim racing games such as iRacing and ACC to maximise the performance from your hardware.

Asetek Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a range of frequently asked questions for Asetek.

What console are Asetek products compatible with?

Currently, Asetek only sell PC-compatible sim racing hardware. They have no support for Xbox or PS5 consoles.

Are Asetek sim racing products good?

Asetek is one of the leading brands producing high-end, high-performing sim racing products. The La Prima, Forte and Invicta racing wheels are among the best within their given price ranges.

Can you use Asetek products with other brands?

If you want to combine an Asetek wheel with a pedal set from another brand, you can do this. Simply connect each peripheral to your PC indivudally. You can also connect various steering wheels from other brands to an Asetek wheel base using their quick release adapter.