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At Sim Racing Setup, our goal is always to bring you the best car setups completely free. This will always be the case. However to keep Sim Racing Setup going, there are certain costs we need to cover, from servers through to development work. This requires us to monetize our site, which we do in the least intrusive way possible.

I’d like to thank you for your support and contribution to Sim Racing Setup. This is a platform built from our love of sim racing, and we look forward to going with a community of sim racers!

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As a user, there is absolutely no expectation for you to contribute to our platform financially. However if you are planning on purchasing a new sim racing product we would love it if you could use our affiliate links below. Affiliate links are the least intrusive way we can monetize our website, and are the best way you can support Sim Racing Setup.

If you are looking at making a purchase, simply click on one of the links below. These links will send you to the relevant website, and they don’t cost you anything to use. Instead, when you purchase a product on the website using our link, we will receive a small commission from that sale.

Simply click the relevant link to your region, and ensure you accept cookies when asked (otherwise we wont receive the commission). Thank you!

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We use Logitech affiliate for all of our Logitech product recommendations which you can buy in the UK and across the world.

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When we recommend Next Level sim racing rigs, seats and wheel mounts we refer the links through to Pagnian, who sell Next Level Racing gear.

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We also use Amazon affiliate for products which aren’t Fanatec. We would be really grateful if you used our affiliate links below the next time you purchase anything via Amazon! ๐Ÿ™‚

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