SnowRunner Season 9: Renew & Rebuild Released Today, 28th February 23

SnowRunner Season 9: Renew & Rebuild is now live, and playable across all platforms, Xbox, PS5 and PC. Here is all of the info about this new DLC pack for SnowRunner Year 3.

SnowRunner Season 9 Renew & Rebuild

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SnowRunner has just launched the first piece of its Year 3 content today, and you can download and play it right away. Season 9: Renew and Rebuild will see you hauling across two new maps based in the new Ontario, Canada region.

What is SnowRunner Season 9: Renew & Rebuild?

SnowRunner Season 9: Renew & Rebuild is the first piece of DLC from the Year 3 Pass. This new piece of content adds a new region with two new maps into SnowRunner, along with two new trucks and new mission types and contracts.

Season 9 will have you traversing the burnt down, and sometimes inhospitable landscape of Ontario, with the aim of rebuilding the terrain around you. While you will be undertaking new mission types that task you with extinguishing fires, there are also the usual mixture of hauling and cargo delivery missions as well.

When is Renew & Rebuild released?

The latest season of SnowRunner, season 9: Renew & Rebuild is available from today, the 28th February. If you own the Year 3 Pass or the Year 1, 2 & 3 Pass, you can jump onto your chosen platform, Xbox, PS5 or PC and download this new DLC right now.

New maps

The two new maps are located in the Ontario region, and feature landscapes made up from burnt forests, run down buildings and flooded farmland. The contracts and tasks will see you traversing these two devasted regions, helping to rebuild the forest and river landscape around you.

The first map is the Albany River. This has a web of rivers encircling the map, which cuts off a few areas initially. There will be plenty of wildlife and sightings as you travel around this map helping rebuild the local area.

This map will see you undertake plenty of water crossings and trips across baron and empty landscapes. There are also plenty of mountain passes and tricky navigation required through burning woodland.

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The second map is the Burned Forest. This map features much less water, and has a lot of woodland and forests in its place. The tricky part of this second map is the lack of a garage, requiring you to plan your routes and tasks accordingly, and often taking multiple vehicles with you on your journey.

New game modes & contracts

When it comes to the tasks and contracts available in SnowRunner Season 9, it’s no surprise to hear that firefighting is at the forefront. This will have you travelling to specific firefighting task zones in either of the new firefighting vehicles to undertake the task.

But firefighting isn’t all that is available in season 9. There is the usual spattering of hauling, and cargo delivery tasks across both of the new maps, with some particularly tricky large cargo trips required.

New trucks

As with most SnowRunner seasons, there are two brand new trucks included in season 9. Both of these trucks will help you with your task of saving Ontario from fire, as well as rebuilding the region.

Snowrunner season 9 new trucks

The first new truck included in SnowRunner season 9 is the Derry Special 15C-177. This large heavy truck isn’t similar to the two other Derry trucks that are already in SnowRunner. Instead, the 15C-177 is a 40 year old, specialised fire-fighting modified truck.

The Derry Special 15C-177 is a large eight-wheeler, featuring a large water tank storage unit on the rear of the chassis with the sole task of helping fight fires. There are other modules available including the seismic vibrator module, allowing it to branch out into other tasks.

The second new truck is the ZiKZ 566A. This retro fire fighting truck was released back in the 1950s, and despite its small size, features a great power-to-weight ratio and offroad capability.

If you don’t fancy either of these new trucks, you’ll be glad to hear that some original trucks will also get access to the fire tank module. This will allow you to tackle the firefighting tasks around Ontario in your favourite trucks.

What is included in the rest of the Year 3 Pass?

The rest of the SnowRunner Year 3 Pass hasn’t been fully announced yet, but we do know that two new truck manufacturer will be making their way into SnowRunner during this time. Both MACK and Kenworth, both big names within heavy-duty transport, will be added in the coming DLC packs.

We do however know the names of a few of the additional seasons. The currently announced SnowRunner Year 3 Pass seasons are:

  • Season 9: Renew & Rebuild
  • Season 10: Fix & Connect
  • Season 11: Lights & Cameras
  • Season 12: Expansion 3

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