MOZA Release New Formula Wheel – FSR Wheel First Look

MOZA have had a pretty big day, launching four brand new products. The most exciting of those products is their brand new formula-style steering wheel with a built in display.

Moza Racing FSR Formula Wheel Review

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MOZA Racing FSR Racing Wheel First Look

MOZA Racing has been absolutely killing it with all of its product launches over the past few months. We’ve seen multiple new wheel bases, and a variety of new steering wheels and pedals. And today MOZA has just announced a whole new batch of sim racing products.

The first batch of products announced was the all-new budget direct drive racing bundle, the MOZA R5 Racing Simulator.

The R5 Racing Simulator featured a new 5.5Nm direct drive wheel base along with a new steering wheel and pedal set. Check out our article about the release of the MOZA R5 Racing Simulator for more details.

Moza Racing FSR Formula Wheel Review

The other product that MOZA Racing announced was the FSR Formula Wheel. This is a premium sim racing steering wheel based loosely on MOZA’S popular GS wheel.

The main difference is that this FSR steering wheel features a large 4.3″ HD display which can show a variety of telemetry readouts.

In this guide, I’ll bring you all of the information you need to know about this new MOZA Racing FSR Formula Wheel.

How much does the MOZA FSR wheel cost?

The MOZA Racing FSR Formula Wheel is MOZA’s most premium steering wheel to date. It sits at the top of MOZA’s ecosystem and is the only steering wheel to feature a large screen.

The FSR Formula Wheel costs $649 directly from MOZA’s online store.

MOZA FSR Formula Wheel launch date

The great news is that the MOZA FSR wheel is available to purchase right away. It has officially launched today and can be picked up from MOZA’s online store here.

Where to buy the FSR Wheel

The best place to purchase the new MOZA Racing FSR Wheel is from MOZA directly. They currently offer the best price and can ship worldwide. Click on the link below to view the FSR wheel on MOZA’s web store.

Buy the MOZA Racing FSR Racing Wheel

Watch our in-depth MOZA FSR wheel review

We’ve had the FSR Formula Wheel for a little while now, allowing us to test it out with multiple games and with multiple other MOZA products. And we’ve really enjoyed our time with it.

Watch the video below for our in-depth review of this new and exciting formula-style sim racing wheel.

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What is the FSR Formula Wheel?

This latest steering wheel from up-and-coming sim racing brand MOZA Racing is a real statement to the sim racing community. Not many sim racing steering wheels feature a built-in display this large, and the ones that do normally cost in excess of £/$1000.

The FSR Formula Wheel from MOZA features a large 4.3″ screen along with a range of different inputs and a carbon fibre body. And it only costs $649. While that does put it in or close to a premium price point, it is pretty remarkable that this wheel has the features that it does for this price point.

The screen

FSR Wheel Screen

The main attraction of the FSR wheel is the large in-built display. This HD screen measures 4.3″ from corner to corner and can show a variety of different telemetry information. There are a whole range of different preset screens to choose from. Some emulate a road car’s dash, while others look more like Formula 1 or GT displays.

The screen can display information such as lap time, gap to cars in front, position, fuel remaining, ERS remaining, tyre temperatures and more.

During race sessions it works incredibly well, allowing you to be more immersed in the on-track action and rely less on on-screen HUD elements.

When looking down to view my current tyre temperatures or my lap delta on this steering wheel, I feel more immersed in my sim of choice. In this moment I’m emulating the same process that real racing drivers go through when they check their telemetry mid-race.


As well as the large screen, there are a series of ten LED backlit buttons which are all programmable in any sim you race in. There are also five front-facing rotary encoders and two thumb encoders that allow you to make quick adjustments to your car on the fly.

Rotary encoders on the FSR Steering wheel


The FSR wheel features the same paddle shifters found on the MOZA GS wheel. They’re a four-paddle, dual-clutch layout, with two carbon fibre magnetic shifters paired with two additional dual clutch paddles.

The magnetic shifters allow for extremely precise and satisfyingly positive shifts. They’re firm without being too strong. And the dual-clutch paddles allow you to configure your clutch for the perfect standing race start.

Carbon Fibre Shifters

Quick release

The integrated MOZA quick release is one of the most impressive parts of any MOZA steering wheel. The QR allows you to very quickly remove and re-attach any MOZA wheel to any MOZA wheel base.

It simply pulls away from the wheel base, and re-attaches with a push. And once in place, there is almost zero flex allowing for the full power of your wheel base to be translated to your steering wheel.

Moza Racing Quick Release

Buy the MOZA Racing FSR Racing Wheel


Up until today, all MOZA Racing products have been PC compatible only, and only work with other MOZA products. The PC compatibility remains with the FSR Formula Wheel.

But the big talking point is the addition of a data cable on the rear of the wheel. The inclusion of a data cable leads me to believe that this wheel may become compatible with other wheel bases in the future.

This hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, but as soon as it is, I’ll update this article.

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