Moza Racing CS Steering Wheel + SR-P Pedals First Look

Moza keep releasing quality sim racing products, and here is a first look at a selection of new sim racing products from Moza Racing, including the CS wheel, CS dash and SR-P pedals.

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Moza Racing CS Wheel, CS Dash, SR-P Pedals Unboxing

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Moza Racing CS Wheel, CS Dash & SR-P Pedals First Look

Today I’m going to bring you my first look at a few products that I’ve been pretty keen to show off since I got them.

And those products are the CS Steering wheel and CS Dash, along with the SR-P Pedals. And I would say these are a selection of entry to mid-range products from the relatively new Moza Racing.

Who are Moza Racing?

Moza Racing Pedals Logo

If you haven’t heard of Moza Racing, don’t worry you’re not alone. Neither had I until around a year or so ago when they burst onto the sim racing scene.

And since that moment they’ve released a pretty wide selection of sim racing products in quite a short span of time.

How much do these Moza products cost?

All of these new sim racing products from Moza are targeted toward the budget sim racing setup. Each product is priced competitively, and you’ll struggle to find equivalent products at a better price.

Watch our full unboxing video

CS Steering Wheel

This CS Steering Wheel is the newest wheel they offer, and it’s designed to represent a road car or GT-style wheel rim.

It’s actually pretty weighty which is normally a good sign that some quality materials have been used. And you can see they have. There’s an Aluminum frame surrounded by a leather grip and forged carbon fibre shifters.

The shifters feel positive with a nice magnetic activation, and they feel a little lighter and easier to pull than those on the GS wheel. The rotary knobs on the front feel extremely high quality, while the push buttons are a little more plastic, but they do feel good to use.

Read a full in-depth review of the CS wheel

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CS Dash

Next up I’ll take a look at the CS Dash. This is a product that I didn’t know that I needed in my life until I started using it. It can show a variety of different in-game information in real-time. And this works well from what I’ve tested so far.

It has some different screens, some more targeted towards F1 and GT cars, while others use a more road car style layout. This works especially well with the round CS Wheel, as it sits right in between the main wheel body and the hand grips.

Buy the Moza Racing CS Dash

SR-P Pedals

And then we have the SR-P pedals, which come in two boxes. You can pick them up in a two-pedal form, and then purchase the additional clutch pedal to make it a full three-pedal set.

This is the part of this haul that I’m most excited about. The wheel itself certainly won’t replace my Moza GS F1-style steering wheel I’m using in the long run, but these pedals may well end up permanently a part of my rig.

They’re essentially one of the cheapest load-cell pedal sets you can buy today, but that doesn’t seem to mean they lack quality. I was definitely impressed when I took these out of the box at just how good they felt.

I think the pedals are completely constructed from some pretty heavy-duty steel, and the entirety of each pedal and the footrest is metal. I like that a lot, especially considering they’ve plonked on some metal pedal face plates as well. Thumbs up there.

I won’t get into how they feel just yet, I’ll wait for my full review for that, but you can see that the brake pedal does feature a load-cell, combined with a spring and a damper to give the brakes a two-stage feel when you press them.

Moza SR-P Load cell

First, they feel pretty soft as you’re pushing the spring, and then they firm up when you hit the rubber damper.

The pedals themselves all mount in an eerily similar way to another existing pedal set, using a footrest that sits over each pedal. As you may have guessed just from looking at these pedals. I’m talking about the Fanatec CSL Pedals, which I used prior to these and absolutely love.

In fact, even the mounting holes and spacing are almost identical. Coincidence I think not. But it’s a winning formula, and as I said, I love this formula with my Fanatec pedals so why not embrace it?

Finally, I’ve got the clutch pedal which is very similar to the throttle in its design.

One thing I do love, which I haven’t really shown here, is how each pedal has a through path cut out of it. Allowing for all cables from the clutch and brake to easily travel through and reach the control box in the throttle. It’s a nice and neat design feature that allows for easy cable management.

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When I first unboxed these new Moza products, I was impressed with the quality of build. I have actually been using these products for a little while now, so keep an eye out for my full reviews of this haul of sim racing goodies shortly.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.