iRacing Setups

Below are the best free and paid iRacing setups for a variety of series including road, oval and dirt series.

The iRacing setups below have been created by a variety of the best iRacing setup creators. Use the car links below to view all iRacing car setups for each particular car.

How To Install and Use iRacing Car Setups

All of the setups above can be downloaded and used in iRacing in just a few easy steps. Simply choose the car you are looking to find a setup for. You'll then see a variety of tracks and setup bundles that you can download. Simply click on one of the setups, and proceed to download or buy it from the setup shop. Then simply copy the setup into your iRacing setup folder.

This is generally located in your iRacing document folder. Then there is a folder named setups where you can paste your setups too.