F1 24 Monaco Car Setups

F1 24 Monaco Setups

Discover the best F1 24 Monaco setups for the Circuit de Monaco to help improve your lap time. Search for dry and wet F1 24 Monaco car setups, race and qualifying setups as well as MyTeam, Career & Time Trial car setups.

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Circuit de Monaco Monaco country flag

Circuit Length 3.337km
Lap Record 1:12.909
Time Trial Record 1:09.088
Average Speed: 1/5
Track Grip: 1/5
Downforce: 5/5
Tyre Wear: 1/5

How To Use Our F1 24 Monaco Car Setups

All of the F1 24 car setups above can be used on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Follow the tips below to start using the setup and improving your lap times.

  • Step 1: Find an F1 car setup above
  • Step 2: Start any F1 24 session
  • Step 3: Copy the setup into the setup screen
  • Step 4: Head out on track to test the setup
Setup Video

Watch our F1 24 Monaco setup video

Here is our recommended F1 24 Monaco setup video. This car setup has been created for the Circuit de Monaco using dry conditions and is optimised for longer race sessions. It can be used with any team in F1 24, and in any mode including MyTeam, Career and F1 World.

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Track Guide

F1 24 Circuit de Monaco Track Guide

Monaco is easily one of the toughest circuits to race in F1 24. The tight and twisty track layout makes overtaking incredibly hard, and the walls that line the track the entire way around punish any small mistake.

The Monaco circuit has one of the slowest average speeds of any track in F1 24 due to the slow corner speeds and tight corners. This leads us to prioritise a high-downforce car setup. In fact, our recommended Monaco setup has the highest downforce of any track.

A short straight spans from the last corner of the lap to the first, and this is one of the few overtaking spots around Monaco.

Due to this straight, I would advise against setting the front and rear aero to their highest values. Instead, keep the rear aero a couple of clicks lower than the front. Doing this will give your car a little bit of straight line speed for when a rare overtaking opportunity presents itself during a race.

How to be quick around Monaco?

The Monaco street circuit in F1 24 is all about patience, consistency, and precision. You need to ensure that you stay away from the walls on every lap; otherwise, you’ll almost certainly damage your car. The damage model in F1 24 is much more advanced than in previous years and is very sensitive to even the smallest bumps when damage is set to simulation.

Throughout a lap of Monaco, you will battle wheel spin at most corners. The slowest corners of turns 1, 6, 8, 10, and 19 will all lead to a tendency for your rear wheels to break traction. This happens when you accelerate hard at slow speeds.

F1 24 Monaco Car Setup

To reduce the amount of wheel spin, you can adjust your car setup in a few ways. The first thing to do is lower the on-throttle differential. This directly affects how easily your rear tyres break traction, and a lower setting can be incredibly powerful at preventing wheel spin.

Another car setup change you can make to reduce wheel spin is lowering the rear tyre pressures. Monaco is a rear-limited track meaning it will wear the rear tyres faster than the front tyres. This is primarily due to the heat build-up under hard acceleration and wheel spin.

Reducing your tyre pressures will lower the temperature of your tyres which results in slower tyre wear. It also increases the contact patch with the track giving you more traction when accelerating.

What makes a good Monaco car setup?

A few elements are crucial for a good Monaco car setup. The first is extremely high aerodynamics. A lot of downforce is required to give you the highest amount of grip around the tight streets of Monaco. There also aren’t any long straights to worry about, so you can almost max out the aero setup.

Then, you need a car that can handle all of the bumps that a street circuit brings with it. There is a very large bump on the exit of turn 4, meaning you’ll require a high ride height to avoid your car bottoming out. Our recommended Monaco setup has the highest ride height of any track in F1 24.

A soft suspension can make your car much easier to drive, and this approach will also allow you to attack the kerbs and drive over them more. Finally, low tyre pressures will help you with traction out of corners and can lead to less wheel spin.

Monaco race strategy

Monaco is a race that is all about race strategy. A good race strategy can make your race as there are so few opportunities to overtake. You will want only to complete a single pit stop as multiple pit stops will lead to you losing track position which will be very hard to regain.

The best route is a soft tyre to start the race as this will give you the best chance to overtake other cars on the first lap. Overtaking becomes much harder for the rest of the race, so try to gain as many track positions as you can at the start of the race. Then, you could opt for a hard or medium tyre for the remainder of the race.

I would also recommend choosing a higher fuel load. This will let you run in a higher engine mode for longer during the start of the race giving you more power and a higher chance of an overtake.

F1 24 Monaco race strategy
Monaco Race Strategy F1 24 © Pirelli
Why is Monaco so hard in F1 24?

Monaco is easily one of the toughest tracks in this year’s Formula 1 game and that is due to the tight nature of the track. The skinny track combined with the twisty corners and the walls on either side make this a tough track to race at.

How can I improve at Monaco?

Consistency really is the key to a good race at Monaco. If you are incredibly fast, but have a tendency to run wide or clip a wall, this can ruin your entire race. Try to build speed slowly and focus on consistently driving each corner exactly the same each and every lap.