F1 24 Monza Car Setups

F1 24 Monza Setups

Discover the best F1 24 Monza setups for the Italian GP to help improve your lap time. Search for dry and wet F1 24 Italy car setups, race and qualifying setups as well as MyTeam, Career & Time Trial car setups.

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Autodromo Nazionale Monza Italy country flag

Circuit Length 5.793km
Lap Record 1:21.046
Time Trial Record 1:19.073
Average Speed: 5/5
Track Grip: 2/5
Downforce: 1/5
Tyre Wear: 4/5

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All of the F1 24 car setups above can be used on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Follow the tips below to start using the setup and improving your lap times.

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Setup Video

Watch our F1 24 Monza setup video

Here is our recommended F1 24 Monza setup video. This car setup has been created for the Autodromo Nazionale Monza using dry conditions and is optimised for longer race sessions. It can be used with any team in F1 24, and in any mode including MyTeam, Career and F1 World.

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Track Guide

F1 24 Autodromo Nazionale Monza Track Guide

Monza in Italy is an incredibly high-speed circuit that allows us to run one of the lowest aerodynamic setups of any track. You will have extremely high average speeds throughout a lap and a race of Monza, which means that you should focus on top speed in your car setup.

The Italian track is one of the easiest to drive in F1 24. However, it still presents a challenge, especially in testing your braking accuracy and consistency. There are a few really important heavy braking zones. Ensuring that you get your braking distance right will result in the perfect line through the tricky chicanes. Braking a little too late can result in you missing the corner and losing a lot of time.

You may want to play about with your brake bias throughout a lap of Monza to find a suitable brake setup that you feel comfortable with. Moving your brake bias further forward can result in shorter braking distances. However, a more forward brake bias can increase the chances of locking a wheel under braking.

Moving your brake bias further rearward will reduce the risk of locking a front wheel. However, if your brake is set too far rearward, you run the risk of locking a rear brake, which can be worse than locking a front wheel.

Locking your rear brakes feels like someone has pulled the handbrake on, and the rear of your car can become very unstable. I would recommend running a more forward brake bias around Monza and try to manage front wheel locking by modulating the brake pressure.

F1 24 Monza Car Setup

How to create the best Italy car setup in F1 24?

Monza relies so heavily on top speed that a low downforce car setup is the best approach. You will want to remove as much front and rear aerodynamics as possible before the car becomes too hard to drive through the fast corner segments.

This will result in the lowest aerodynamic setup of any track, and both front and rear wing angles will be close to their minimum. Running such a low downforce car setup can make the car feel twitchy through some of the faster corners, such as turns 9 and 11.

Setting your front suspension and anti-roll bar quite stiff can help with front-end responsiveness. This goes towards compensating for the lack of front downforce and can make your car more willing to turn into these fast corners.

Thanks to the very long straights and small number of corners, tyre wear isn’t too much of an issue around Monza. This means we can set the tyre pressures much higher than at other tracks in F1 24. This will also help make the car more responsive on corner entry and under direction changes.

Italy race strategy

The Italian Grand Prix doesn’t lend itself too much to alternative strategies being used throughout the grid. A one-stop strategy is often the best option, and thanks to the low tyre wear this is easily achievable.

Opting to start the Italian race on medium tyres before switching to hard tyres for the final stint is often the best option. I recommend increasing the fuel you put in the car at the start of the race. This will let you use higher engine modes more often throughout the race, which can be very important for overtaking and defending down the long straights of Monza.

F1 24 Monza Race Strategy
Monza Race Strategy F1 24 © Pirelli
Is Monza an easy or hard track to drive?

Monza is a fairly easy track to drive due to the lack of too many technical corner sequences. It is essential to get your braking right into the slow chicanes. However, most braking zones are fairly normal, which lowers the difficulty.

Can I set my aerodynamic setup to zero at Monza?

While Monza is a very low downforce circuit, I would try to avoid lowering your aerodynamic setup to zero. You will need a few clicks of the front wing and a few more clicks of the rear wing to help keep your car stable through the faster corners such as Ascari and Parabolica.