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Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Circuit Length 7.004km
Lap Record 1:46.286
Time Trial Record 1:30.431
Average Speed: 5/5
Track Grip: 3/5
Downforce: 2/5
Tyre Wear: 5/5

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Setup Video

Watch our F1 24 Belgium setup video

Here is our recommended F1 24 Belgium setup video. This car setup has been created for the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps using dry conditions and is optimised for longer race sessions. It can be used with any team in F1 24, and in any mode including MyTeam, Career and F1 World.

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Track Guide

F1 24 Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Track Guide

Spa-Francorchamps is one of the most well-loved circuits on the Formula 1 calendar and one of the more popular tracks to race at in F1 24. It is a 7.004km historic circuit that has been on the Formula 1 calendar since 1950.

Although the circuit has undergone some major changes since the first Grand Prix over 70 years ago, it remains an incredibly long and fast track.

Spa has a really good mixture of corner styles, long straights, and plenty of overtaking opportunities. The first and last corners are both incredibly slow and can be taken in first or second gear. These turns result in heavy traction zones as you’ll be accelerating from such a low speed.

The rest of the lap features long sweeping corners such as turns 10 and 11 as well as turns 12, 13, 14 and 15. Each of these corners requires an incredibly well-balanced car setup that you can handle fast direction changes without any instability.

F1 24 Belgium Car Setup

Best car setup approach for Spa-Francorchamps in F1 24

Spa-Francorchamps has a few long straights, including the incredibly long straight after Eau Rouge and Raidillon. This is one of the best overtaking spots as cars compete down the straight and into turn 5. There is also a high-speed section of track after turn 15 that will test your car’s top speed as you race towards the final bus stop chicane.

Due to both of these long straights/bends and a mixture of high-speed corners, a low-downforce car setup will lead to the fastest lap times in F1 24. Cars are flat out on the throttle pedal for around 70% of a lap around Spa, which leads to one of the highest average speeds of around 230km/h.

Removing understeer via our car setup

One of the biggest issues you are likely to face when competing in a race at Belgium in F1 24 is a tendency for your car to understeer into a corner.

Due to corners being faster, you need to have good front-end grip and responsiveness for your car to turn willingly. Too much understeer will cause you to lose mid-corner speed and can compromise your exit speed.

I would recommend setting your front wing aero around 5 points higher than the rear wing aero when creating a Belgium car setup. This offset between the front and rear will loosen the rear a touch whilst ensuring the front of the car is responsive.

This approach can cause some instability at the rear. However, a good suspension setup can prevent much of this. Other than the first and last corners, rear traction isn’t too much of an issue, which means there is less emphasis on rear downforce.

Race strategy for Belgium

Despite its high-speed nature, Spa-Francorchamps isn’t a track that is too harsh on tyre wear. You can comfortably use the soft tyres during a race, and with a two pit-stop strategy, you can use two sets of soft tyres and a set of mediums. This is a good approach compared to using the slower hard tyre.

Adjusting your suspension geometry setup to be less aggressive and less like a time trial setup will help your soft tyres last longer throughout a race.

Spa-Francorchamps is a front-limited track due to the sustained loads through the longer sweeping corners. This means that you will need to manage the tyre temperature and wear at the front of the car, particularly in the front left tyre.

F1 24 Belgium race strategy
Belgium Race Strategy F1 24 © Pirelli
Have there been any changes to the Belgium track in F1 24?

EA Sports and Codemasters have improved a number of tracks for F1 24, including Belgium. There haven’t been any track layout changes officially. However, EA Sports has improved the accuracy of the Belgium track for this year’s game.

How to stop spinning at Eau Rouge and Raidillon?

One of the most demanding parts of Spa-Francorchamps is the big dip and hill of Eau Rouge and Raidillon. This section of the track puts a lot of compression load into the car at the bottom of the hill, then the car tends to feel light at the peak of the hill. You can lift off the throttle as you drive over the crest if you feel the car becoming twitchy. You can also adjust the suspension setup to better handle these elevation changes.