F1 24 Bahrain Car Setups

F1 24 Bahrain Setups

Discover the best F1 24 Bahrain setups for the Bahrain International Circuit to help improve your lap time. Search for dry and wet F1 24 Bahrain car setups, race and qualifying setups as well as MyTeam, Career & Time Trial car setups.

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Bahrain International Circuit Bahrain country flag

Circuit Length 5.412km
Lap Record 1:31.447
Time Trial Record 1:25.430
Average Speed: 3/5
Track Grip: 4/5
Downforce: 2/5
Tyre Wear: 4/5

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All of the F1 24 car setups above can be used on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Follow the tips below to start using the setup and improving your lap times.

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Setup Video

Watch our F1 24 Bahrain setup video

Here is our recommended F1 24 Bahrain setup video. This car setup has been created for the Bahrain International Circuit using dry conditions and is optimised for longer race sessions. It can be used with any team in F1 24, and in any mode including MyTeam, Career and F1 World.

Read our F1 24 Bahrain car setup guide
Track Guide

F1 24 Bahrain International Circuit Track Guide

Bahrain is a unique circuit on the F1 24 calendar. It features a range of high-speed straights combined with a very technical middle sector. This combination rewards a higher downforce car setup despite there being a few long straights.

Is a higher or lower downforce setup required for Bahrain?

Due to the combination of long straights and technical corners, deciding on an aerodynamic setup is one of the harder parts of creating a Bahrain car setup. If you opt to set up your car for a higher top speed around Bahrain in F1 24, you will be quicker on the straights and be able to overtake and defend more easily.

However, with a low downforce setup, you’ll almost certainly be slower than the cars around you across the entire lap. This means that you could end up qualifying towards the back of the grid, and once cars are past you, you may struggle to keep up with them.

I would recommend choosing a higher downforce car setup for the Bahrain circuit. This will generally result in faster overall lap times whilst sacrificing some straight-line speed. If you can adjust your race strategy to have clear air in front of you without being slowed down by other cars, this approach can result in the fastest overall race time.

Is Bahrain front or rear limited in F1 24?

The Sakhir circuit in Bahrain is considered to be rear-limited. The difference between a front and rear limited track is how hard your front and rear tyres are stressed throughout a lap.

If there are heavy traction zones, which are typical of a circuit with slower corners and long straights, this will stress the rear tyres more and result in a rear-limited circuit. This is exactly what happens around Bahrain in F1 24. The slow corners of turns 1, 4, 8, 10 and 13 rely heavily on rear traction.

Around a lap of Bahrain and throughout a full race distance, your rear tyres will wear out faster than your front tyres. This can be managed with your car setup by adjusting your suspension geometry, rear downforce and tyre pressures. You will typically find that most Bahrain car setups utilise lower rear tyre pressures to aid with traction, combined with a less aggressive suspension geometry.

F1 24 Bahrain Car Setups

How to create the perfect Bahrain car setup

The recommended Bahrain car setups on this page include many high aerodynamic setups to help the car through the second sector of the lap. This sector is where you can gain or lose a lot of time in F1 24, so it should be prioritised with your car setup.

Choosing your aerodynamic setup

Typically, a higher front aero setup is preferable to ensure you don’t encounter too much understeer. This can be common through faster corners, such as turns 7, 11 and 14. Understeer at any of these areas of the track can result in a significant loss of time as you will have to brake earlier on the approach to the corner and lower your minimum corner speed.

Around corners, such as turns 13 and 14, that lead onto long straights, understeering on corner exits can result in lower top speeds down the following straights. This can make it harder to defend against drivers close behind you.

Looking after your rear tyres

One key area to manage during a race in Bahrain is to manage your rear tyres and the amount of heat and wear they sustain. The rear tyres will be dramatically punished throughout a Bahrain race in F1 24. Despite the cooler track temperature due to Bahrain being a night race, the rear tyres can still overheat due to heavy acceleration.

Lowering your on-throttle differential and rear tyre pressures are very good ways to lower tyre temperature and improve traction. This can make accelerating out of the slower corners easier without wheel spin. It is also advisable to veer away from the time trial car setup approach of maximum camber and minimum toe as this will negatively affect tyre wear.

The best race strategy around Bahrain in F1 24

With Bahrain being harsh on tyre wear, finding the best race strategy can be tricky. You may want to stick to harder tyres while leaving the soft tyres for qualifying. You may also want to consider starting the race on soft or medium tyres to ensure you have the best chance of making up positions on the first lap. Then, pitting for hard tyres for the rest of the race.

You will almost certainly require a two-stop pit strategy for Bahrain if you are competing in a full race distance in F1 24. Opting for two sets of hard tyres and a soft or medium tyre stint is possibly the fastest Bahrain race strategy.

F1 24 Bahrain Race Strategy
Bahrain Race Strategy F1 24 © Pirelli

There is the possibility of pitting three times and running a more aggressive race strategy of using the soft tyres in two or three stints and the hard tyres in the fourth stint. This approach could work well if you are starting towards the rear of the grid and are planning on running your own race.

However, the downside of a three-stop race strategy is that you will almost certainly need to overtake many cars on track. This may lead to you lowering your aerodynamic setup, which, in turn, can result in slower individual lap times. This is a risky strategy and should only really be considered if you have qualified out of position.

Is Bahrain a front or rear-limited track?

The Sakhir circuit in Bahrain is considered rear-limited due to its reliance on rear traction. This will mean that your rear tyres will wear out faster than your front tyres throughout a race in F1 24.

What is the best Bahrain race strategy?

If you are competing in a full race distance in F1 24, you should look to use a two-stop race strategy. This approach lets you manage your tyre wear throughout the race without too much adjustment required for your car setup. The best choice is a medium, hard, hard strategy or a soft, hard, hard strategy.

Should I use a high or low downforce car setup for Bahrain?

Higher downforce car setups are preferable in F1 24, especially at circuits similar to Bahrain. Despite Bahrain having long straights, the technical corners require a higher downforce car setup, and this approach will almost always lead to faster lap times.