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Circuit of The Americas

The Circuit of The Americas is a track that tests your car setup in many ways. It features corners from slow to high speed turns that really provide a wide challenge to you and your car.
Laps Racing track icon 56
Circuit Length 5.513km
Track icon
Lap Record Stopwatch icon 1:36.169
Time Trial Record Stopwatch icon 1:26.912
Average Speed: 3/5
Track Grip: 2/5
Downforce: 3/5
Tyre Wear: 3/5

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F1 23 COTA Setup Guide

The Circuit of the Americas is a track that is considered to be fairly new. When it was built back in 2012, it looked to incorporate the best corners from tracks all around the world.

This is why you’ll find sweeping corners from Silverstone and Suzuka, combined with multiple apex corners from Istanbul Park and the infamous left-hander from Bahrain.

All of these infamous corners come together to create a track that is incredibly fun to race around, yet difficult to create a car setup for. With so many different characteristics, it’s hard to focus your car setup on any particular corner sequence.


COTA is a track that is relatively fast, with a long back straight paired with some high speed corners. However, due to the different corners that are a mixture of slow, medium and high speed, you should look to increase your aerodynamic setup.

Increasing both front and rear wing angles will reward you with a better lap time than a lower downforce car setup would.


The mixture of slow to fast corners makes setting up our differential in F1 23 a bit tricky. A low on-throttle differential setup is beneficial through the slower corners such as turns 11 and 16. While a higher on-throttle differential is better for the faster corner sequences through the first sector.

If possible, the best option is to change your on-throttle differential via your MFD or your steering wheel mid-lap. This will maximise your potential and provide the correct amount of traction at each part of the lap.

Suspension Geometry

With a good number of faster corners, a more aggressive suspension geometry is ideal. Higher camber angles allow you to lean on your tyres more mid-corner resulting in potentially high minimum corner speeds. This is ideal, especially through the first sector where fast sweeping corners are prominent.

Pair this setup approach with reduced toe angles. Reducing your toe angle can reduce some drag which will speed you up along the straights resulting in higher top speeds.


COTA features a wide range of different kerb types. Some are low and some are much higher. This provides a bit of a challenge for your car’s stability. A softer suspension setup is preferable to avoid your car becoming unsettled over the larger kerbs that you’re required to attack.

As with most tracks, you can set your anti-roll bars stiffer than your suspension. This will result in a car that isn’t as prone to leaning as you turn through a corner, providing a more stable and responsive setup.


Keep your brake bias relatively balanced around COTA in F1 23. With the different types of corners throughout the lap, avoid tailoring your brake setup for any particular corner. Instead focus on creating a stable brake setup that can handle all braking zones well.


Tyre wear is pretty balanced around this American track in F1 23. Your front tyres will take punishment in the first half of the lap, while your rears will be under more strain towards the end of the lap. This results in relatively even tyre wear all around.

If your car isn’t as responsive as you’d like, you can increase your front tyre pressures to increase how willing your car is to turn into each corner.

USA F1 23 setup overview

COTA is no longer the only Amercian track in F1 23, with the introduction of Miami and Las Vegas. However, it is a brilliant track to drive around due to its unique inspiration from other classic Formula 1 tracks. A well-balanced car setup around COTA will reward you in most parts of the lap, so avoid specialising in a single sector or corner.

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