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Marina Bay Street Circuit

The Marina Bay Circuit is one of the hardest tracks to race around in F1 23. The close walls make every corner dangerous, and with a total of 23 corners, the turns come at you incredibly fast.
Laps Racing track icon 61
Circuit Length 5.063km
Track icon
Lap Record Stopwatch icon 1:41.905
Time Trial Record Stopwatch icon 1:36.460
Average Speed: 2/5
Track Grip: 2/5
Downforce: 5/5
Tyre Wear: 3/5

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F1 23 Singapore Setup Guide

Singapore is a track that is up alongside Monaco in terms of its difficulty level. Much like Monaco, it is a tight and twisty technical street track. However, unlike Monaco, Singapore is a much higher-speed circuit with a few straights where overtaking is possible.

Many corners are 90-degree turns that really test a car’s ability to turn in without understeer. There are some higher-speed turns that test both the front and rear stability of a car, and the straights ensure that you focus a little of your car setup effort on ensuring you have decent straight-line speed.


Even though Singapore is a higher-speed track than Monaco, we would still recommend setting your front and rear wing angles close to maximum.

Despite the straights where overtaking is possible, the majority of lap time will be found in the 90-degree corners. This means focusing on high downforce rather than prioritising the straights will lead to a faster overall lap time.


Singapore is all about getting your car turned in well with as little understeer as possible, and then applying the power hard from low speed to maximise your corner exit.

The second part of that equation can really be helped by setting your on-throttle differential as low as possible. This will help your wheels turn more independently of each other and can massively improve traction on corner exit.

A low off-throttle differential setup will also help to reduce understeer by helping to rotate your car on the entry of each corner.

Suspension Geometry

Tyre wear around Singapore is a real issue, mainly due to the high load on the rear tyres out of every corner. This means that if you set up your car to include aggressive suspension geometry settings, you can increase your tyre wear even further.

Try to help reduce tyre wear by setting your camber and toe to a more conservative setting. With many corners being slower, aggressive amounts of camber and toe aren’t as beneficial as they can be at other tracks in F1 23.


A soft suspension can help find lap time around Singapore as it will both improve traction on corner exit and can help to create a more stable car over some of the higher kerbs. Being a street track, Singapore has a rather uneven surface, although not to the extent that a street track like Monaco has. A soft suspension will smooth the ride.


Singapore is notoriously hard on brakes simply due to there being 23 corners and a lot of heavy braking zones among them. Try setting your brake bias a little front-focused to shorten braking zones. If you start to feel your inside wheel locking under braking, move the brake bias a little more rearward.


Singapore isn’t too hard on your tyres at the front of the car, but can be very hard on your rear tyres. This is due to the amount of wheelspin that you can encounter around Singapore. With so many slow corners, your rear tyres will wear faster than the fronts. Try to reduce this and increase traction by reducing rear tyre pressures.

Singapore F1 23 setup overview

Singapore is without a doubt one of the more challenging tracks in F1 23. It provides a unique combination of high-speed straights and very slow corners. This can overheat and overwhelm your brakes and your rear tyres. Focus on preserving rear tyres while enhancing your front turn-in ability.

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