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Losail International Circuit

The Qatar Grand Prix returns to the Formula 1 calendar this year, with its first appearance in F1 23. This is a very flowing circuit with an emphasis on eliminating understeer and producing a very balanced car setup.
Laps Racing track icon 57
Circuit Length 5.418km
Track icon
Lap Record Stopwatch icon N/A
Time Trial Record Stopwatch icon N/A
Average Speed: 3/5
Track Grip: 4/5
Downforce: 3/5
Tyre Wear: 2/5

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F1 23 Qatar Setup Guide

Losail International Circuit is a track that has only recently seen Formula 1 action once, and that was in 2021. It makes its permanent return to the calendar in F1 23. Back in 2021, the Qatar Grand Prix was characterised by repeated tyre failures that occurred on four different cars. This was strange as Losail isn’t a track with overly high tyre wear.

In F1 23, you’ll have to focus on creating a car setup that is more focused on reducing understeer and mid-corner grip than worrying about tyre wear.


For your Qatar aero setup in F1 23, you can opt for a reasonably balanced setup. There are a few straights, with the pit straight the longest of them all. These straights aren’t long enough to make us focus on a low downforce setup, instead we should prioritise reducing understeer on corner entry and ensuring our mid-corner speed is high.

The corners around Losail are typically fairly traditional with a mixture of 90 degree turns and corners with longer phases. This will test front end downforce as well as stability at the rear as you accelerate out of the more sweeping turns.


Much like our aerodynamic setup, we can focus on a reasonably balanced transmission setup for Qatar. There aren’t many overly high traction zones where wheel spin is an issue. But the corners are typically slow enough to not require a high on-throttle differential setup. A balanced setup works well here.

Suspension Geometry

Higher camber angles will benefit your mid-corner speed, especially through longer sweeping corners such as turns 11 to 15, and out of the last corner. Tyre wear is pretty low, allowing us to set up the car to focus more on performance than tyre preservation.


Losail is an incredibly flat track that is built in the middle of the desert. This means a soft setup isn’t required, and you can set up your suspension relatively stiff.

This will help with overall responsiveness and allows you to adjust your setup to prioritise eliminating understeer. You can also set your ride height incredibly low which will help minimise drag.


Almost all braking zones around Qatar in F1 23 are traditional and don’t pose any real challenge in terms of complexity. This allows for a standard to high front-focused brake bias, and maximum brake pressure.


As mentioned, despite the 2021 Formula 1 Grand Prix having a lot of tyre failures, Qatar isn’t an overly high-stress circuit for tyres. The 2021 Grand Prix was unique because each team tried to stretch the tyres across longer stints than Pirelli recommended which caused the failures.

In F1 23, Qatar won’t pose too much threat on tyre wear, and with a balanced car and tyre setup, you should manage a race distance without too many issues.

Qatar F1 23 setup overview

Losail makes its return to Formula 1 racing in F1 23, and provides a nice flowing circuit. With tyre wear not too much of an issue, you can enjoy maximising your car’s performance around the Qatar GP.

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