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Circuit Zandvoort

Zandvoort is an incredibly fast and flowing track in F1 23, with an emphasis on longer sweeping corners and tricky braking zones. This is a track that will really test your car's overall balance.
Laps Racing track icon 72
Circuit Length 4.259km
Track icon
Lap Record Stopwatch icon 1:11.097
Time Trial Record Stopwatch icon 1:10.166
Average Speed: 3/5
Track Grip: 4/5
Downforce: 4/5
Tyre Wear: 5/5

F1 23 Netherlands Setups Video

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F1 23 Zandvoort Setup Guide

Circuit Zandvoort is a rather technical circuit, despite being very different in characteristics to many other technical Formula 1 circuits in F1 23. The track layout is fast with many of the corners being incredibly long sweeping bends that flow from one to the other.

Much like Suzuka, ensuring you have the right racing line can be important. And getting slightly out of shape or off the racing line around one corner can lead to time being lost at the corners which follow.


Rear stability is as important around Zandvoort in F1 23 as it is anywhere else on the calendar. While front end responsiveness is important, ensuring the rear of the car stays planted to the track surface will really benefit your overall race pace.

If you lack any rear stability, throwing your car into and accelerating through the sweeping corners around Zandvoort can be a real challenge.


The combination of sweeping corners along with slower turns proves a challenge when it comes to creating a transmission setup.

Ideally, you should opt for a lower on-throttle differential setup to counter the slow corners where lack of traction can be an issue. But don’t lower your on-throttle diff to Monaco levels, instead, try to keep it relatively balanced.

Suspension Geometry

Your camber setup is incredibly important around Zandvoort. High amounts of camber will really benefit your mid-corner speed, allowing you to carry more speed through the sweeping bends. It will however punish your tyres and increase the tyre wear you’ll face. Because of this, your suspension geometry has to be a real balance between performance and tyre wear.


There are a lot of bumps around this classic circuit despite it being remodelled for its Formula 1 return. These bumps can throw cars around, especially if you have a stiff suspension setup.

For this reason, opt to soften your suspension to increase stability. This will also help while driving over the larger kerbs, which you are forced to do at certain points around Zandvoort.


There are some unique braking zones around this Dutch track in F1 23. Many of which require steering input to be applied at the same time as braking. For this reason, opt for a very balanced and neutral brake bias setup, and don’t set it too far forwards. A front-focused brake bias around Zandvoort can result in locked wheels and understeer.


Zandvoort is incredibly hard on your tyres in F1 23 due to the long sweeping corners. This causes us to lower our tyre pressures to combat excess tyre temperature build-up. Reducing your camber will also help reduce tyre wear, however, it will also reduce some mid-corner grip.

It is incredibly tricky to balance our Dutch car setup to factor in the high tyre degradation and wear but is a task that should be high on the list when creating this car setup.

Dutch F1 23 setup overview

The Netherlands GP in F1 23 provides a real challenge when it comes to creating a car setup. Tyre wear is high around Zandvoort, and the braking zones can be tricky. This is a circuit that is high on the difficulty scale and will take some time to master.

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