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Circuit de Monaco

Monaco is an incredibly challenging track, and possibly one of the trickiest to master in F1 23. The streets of Monaco require an extremely high downforce car setup, with great responsiveness and stiablity over kerbs and bumps.
Laps Racing track icon 78
Circuit Length 3.337km
Track icon
Lap Record Stopwatch icon 1:12.909
Time Trial Record Stopwatch icon 1:09.088
Average Speed: 1/5
Track Grip: 1/5
Downforce: 5/5
Tyre Wear: 1/5

F1 23 Monaco Setups Video

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F1 23 Monaco Setup Guide

Monaco is a track that is incredibly daunting in F1 23. The tight track width, along with the walls that line the track and the incredibly technical nature make this a circuit that can really punish any small mistake. For this reason, it is often looked at as one of the hardest tracks in F1 23.

Monaco has the slowest average speed of any track in F1 23 and because of this, we will be almost always be running the highest levels of downforce of any track in the game.


Most tracks provide a real challenge when it comes to setting up our car’s aerodynamics. Some tracks have long striahgts combined with slow corners that can cause real problems.

However, Monaco is not like this at all. It is almost always the case that we should opt for near-maximum front and rear wing angles to maximise downforce.

There are only two real straights, the pit straight (which is a bit of a curve) and the straight that leads out of the tunnel and into turns 10 and 11. These are the only real overtaking opportunities around Monaco, and neither straight is overly long.

This means that you have much more to gain from a high aerodynamic setup than you lose through these two straights.


Monaco is a track of extremes. You’ll be running an extremely high aerodynamic setup, and you should also set up your transmission to be extremely low. Your on-throttle differential is the biggest tool at your disposal to prevent wheel spin which is incredibly important around Monaco.

Almost every corner around this tricky street track is slow meaning you’ll always be accelerating hard from low speed in a low gear. This will often cause the rear wheels to break traction. A low on-throttle differential setup can help prevent this.

Suspension Geometry

Due to the extremely low tyre wear around Monaco, you can set your camber and toe values to their most extreme setting. Higher camber will help you carry speed mid-corner, while high toe angles will aid with responsiveness which is key around the streets of Monaco in F1 23.

You also don’t need to worry about too much drag caused by high toe angles as there aren’t any fast straights where you’ll be slowed down.


Being a street track, Monaco is incredibly bumpy, in fact, it’s possibly the bumpiest circuit in F1 23. For this reason, you should opt for an extremely soft car setup. Adding any rigidity to your car setup around Monaco can cause instability as you bounce over the kerbs and bumps.

You can set up your anti-roll bars stiffer than your suspension as this will help with horizontal rigidity and isn’t as affected by bumps. This will in turn help reduce body roll through corners providing a more responsive platform.


Setting your brake setup around Monaco is incredibly important. You’ll be braking incredibly often and to relatively slow speeds so ensuring it is optimised is important. Opting for a relatively balanced brake bias will help reduce understeer and any front wheel locking that can end in disaster with walls so close.


As mentioned, tyre wear isn’t bad around Monaco at all due to the low speeds. This gives us the opportunity to use this and increase our tyre pressures to aid with responsiveness. This is a good approach for the front tyres while opting to lower pressures at the rear of the car can help increase traction.

Monaco F1 23 setup overview

Monaco is a track that can seem impossibly hard, and many F1 23 players skip when it gets to this race in the calendar. However, with an extremely stable and well-optimised high downforce car setup, the streets of Monaco can be a joy to race around.

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