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Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez

The Mexican Grand Prix in F1 23 is a very enjoyable track to race at. It features a good variety of corners that will test every part of your car setup and ability. Understeer is the real enemy around this track, so opt for a resposnivess car setup.
Laps Racing track icon 71
Circuit Length 4.304km
Track icon
Lap Record Stopwatch icon 1:17.774
Time Trial Record Stopwatch icon 1:15.260
Average Speed: 4/5
Track Grip: 2/5
Downforce: 4/5
Tyre Wear: 3/5

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F1 23 Mexico Setup Guide

Mexico in F1 23 is a fast and enjoyable circuit to drive. It has provided some good action in past Grand Prix and that’s no surprise given its layout. There is an incredibly long straight to the first corner which provides great overtaking opportunities.

The more technical corner sequences also provide some unique overtaking opportunities and there are a good number of corners that allow you to find or lose time throughout a race.


With Mexico being a very fast circuit, a lower downforce approach is best in F1 23. You can’t lower your aerodynamic setup to Monza levels as you will still require a good front end. Understeer will really harm your lap time around Mexico, so focus on creating a front end that is willing to turn in well and is very responsive.

Ensure that your car remains stable with a high enough rear wing angle because the sweeping corners in the middle sector in particular will test your car’s stability.


There are a good number of slow 90-degree corners around the Mexican track in F1 23, and these will test your ability to apply the power without spinning your wheels. You can improve your traction by lowering your on-throttle differential. This will help a lot with accelerating without wheelspin.

Suspension Geometry

You won’t want to set your suspension geometry and your toe in particular too high as this will introduce excess drag along the long pit straight and can slow your top speed potential. However, you should add enough toe angle to ensure the front of your car is responsive which is crucial to get your car turned into most corners around Mexico.


Like many tracks in F1 23, Mexico really requires you to extend the track by running up and over almost every kerb. This can shorten the track through the middle sector and can allow you to run higher minimum corner speeds through some of the slower to medium-speed turns.

However, driving aggressively up and over the kerbs will test your car’s suspension and overall stability. Setting up your suspension to be on the softer side will help with stability over the kerbs. Too stiff and you may find the underside of your car hitting the kerbs and potentially becoming unstable.


There are some heavy braking zones around Mexico, in particular into the first corner. This corner is much like the first corner around the Italian track where you will be braking from high speed to a very slow speed.

Setting your brake pressure to maximum and adjusting your brake bias forwards can help reduce the stopping distance. However, many of the corners throughout the rest of the lap will benefit from a more neutral brake bias, which can be adjusted via the MFD while driving.


Tyre wear isn’t too much of an issue around Mexico in F1 23, instead its rather balanced and consistent with other tracks. For this reason, you can set tyre pressures at the front of the car a little higher to increase responsiveness.

On the flip side, you can lower tyre pressures at the rear of the car to increase traction and reduce tyre wear from wheel spin.

Mexico F1 23 setup overview

The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in F1 23 is a very enjoyable circuit. It features a good variety of corners from slow chicanes to fast sweeping segments that wouldn’t look out of place around Suzuka or Silverstone. For this reason, your car setup has to be rather balanced to be able to not lose too much time at any single part of the track.

F1 24 is now out, and we have created optimised car setups for every track. View our F1 24 Mexico Setups

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