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Las Vegas

Las Vegas shares characteristics with other street tracks in F1 23. There are fast straights as cars power along the Las Vegas Boulevard, and tighter twistier corners sequences, all of which will test your car's setup in various ways.
Laps Racing track icon 50
Circuit Length 6.12km
Track icon
Lap Record Stopwatch icon N/A
Time Trial Record Stopwatch icon N/A
Average Speed: 4/5
Track Grip: 1/5
Downforce: 2/5
Tyre Wear: 3/5

F1 23 Las Vegas Setups Video

Below is our full car setup video for our recommended F1 23 Las Vegas Setups.

F1 23 Las Vegas Setup Guide

Las Vegas is primarily an unknown quantity as F1 23 is the first game it has ever appeared in and we will have to wait until mid-November to actually see the real-world Formula 1 cars racing around this new track. Despite not seeing Las Vegas in any previous F1 games, we can still make a good car setup for it based on its characteristics.


Las Vegas is very reminiscent of other street tracks such as Baku and also Miami in a few ways. It features a few long straights which will see cars racing along the Las Vegas Boulevard. Then there are also the typically 90-degree corners that characterise a street circuit.

However, the middle part of the track features a slower sector of the track which is similar to the turn 11 to 16 sequence around the Miami circuit. This sector will require a higher downforce setup than the rest of the track, although a lower downforce setup will still be the better option due to the long straights.


The slower 90-degree corners and the technical sector in the middle of the track will test a car’s ability to apply power without spinning the rear wheels.

We’d recommend reducing the on-throttle differential setup for Las Vegas because of these corner sequences. There aren’t too many faster sweeping corners that would benefit from a high on-throttle differential setup.

Suspension Geometry

The suspension geometry can be setup to be fairly balanced. You won’t want too much toe as we’ll be needing as little drag as possible down the long straights. However, we will also need a responsive car for the technical corners.

A high-camber setup is not necessary around the Las Vegas track as there aren’t too many corners that benefit from the increased mechanical grip.


Being a street circuit, Las Vegas isn’t the smoothest track layout in F1 23. There are a fair few bumps and higher kerbs that can test your suspension setup. For this reason opt for a softer suspension setup.


You’ll want to set your brake pressure to maximum for Las Vegas in F1 23 to give your car the best stopping power. However, set your brake bias to be more balanced. You certainly won’t want an overly front-focused brake bias as this can cause understeer and front wheel locking.


With the importance of rear traction and high average speeds, your tyres will get a bit of a workout around Las Vegas. You may need to reduce rear tyre pressures to keep overall tyre wear and tyre temperature at a manageable level.

Las Vegas F1 23 setup overview

Las Vegas is shaping up to be an incredibly fun track in F1 23. It shares some characteristics with other street tracks such as Baku and Miami, and will be an incredible spectacle when Formula 1 turns up in november.

F1 24 is now out, and we have created optimised car setups for every track. View our F1 24 Las Vegas Setups

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