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Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Monza may be considered one of the easier tracks in F1 23, however, it provides a unique challenge especially under braking. Ensuring your car's braking performance is just right is important to success around Monza.
Laps Racing track icon 53
Circuit Length 5.793km
Track icon
Lap Record Stopwatch icon 1:21.046
Time Trial Record Stopwatch icon 1:19.073
Average Speed: 5/5
Track Grip: 2/5
Downforce: 1/5
Tyre Wear: 4/5

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F1 23 Monza Setup Guide

Monza in Italy is a classic circuit with an almost unchanged track layout for decades. It is synonymous with high speed racing and pushing Formula 1 cars to the absolute limits in terms of raw performance and straight line speed.

This is a track that tests the limits of how fast a car can travel in a straight line with a priority on a low downforce and low drag car setup. There are plenty of overtaking spots around Monza with so many long straights and slow chicanes and corners.

This is one of the fastest Grand Prix tracks in F1 23, and will be the circuit where you run the lowest amounts of downforce.


The challenge with an aerodynamic setup around Monza is to run the aero as low as you can while still be able to maintain speed and downforce through the faster corners sequences such as Ascari and Parabolica.

You should certainly opt for a low downforce approach due to the number of long straights. Anything other than this will result in you being a sitting duck during a race. Try to keep a little bit of rear aero in your setup to ensure the rear of your car stays stable through the faster bends.


Monza has some of the heaviest traction zones of any track in F1 23. It is right up there with Monaco and Singapore in terms of testing your ability to apply the throttle without spinning your wheels.

Exiting the extremely slow chicanes of turn 1 and 3 is important to post a fast lap time. If you experience too much wheelspin out of these corners, not only will you be overheating and wearing out your rear tyres, but you’ll also be vulnerable to being overtaken on the straights that follow.

Suspension Geometry

With Monza being so focused on straight-line speed, ensuring your suspension geometry has as little excess drag as possible is important. This can be done by reducing the amount of toe you add to your car setup.

You can also decrease the rear camber angle to bring more of your rear tyres into contact with the track. This will help when applying the power and improve traction.


Around Monza in F1 23, you should look to produce a relatively balanced car setup in the suspension department. Going too stiff will potentially make your car feel slightly unstable over some kerbs, as the kerbs through some of the corners can be quite high and aggressive.

However, setting your suspension too soft will negatively affect your mid-corner speed through the faster Ascari and Parabolica corners. This is a part of your Italian car setup that should remain fairly balanced.


As mentioned, braking around Monza is vitally important. There are so many heavy braking zones where you’ll be braking from 200mph + all the way down to extremely slow speeds. Turn 1 is the real test as it is one of the heaviest braking zones in F1 23.

You may want to set your brake bias more front-focused for these heavy braking zones as that can reduce your stopping distance. Don’t set it too far forwards as this can introduce both understeer and front wheel locking.


Due to Monza being rear limited, your rear tyres can suffer from bad tyre wear. Your front tyres can also suffer due to the high cornering speeds through some of the sustained corners. You can combat this by lowering your tyre pressures which will reduce the amount of heat generated.

Italy F1 23 setup overview

While Monza may technically be one of the easier tracks in F1 23, it isn’t without its challenges. It puts a big strain on your tyres and brake setup, and really tests your cars limits in both a straight line and in its stopping efficiency.

F1 24 is now out, and we have created optimised car setups for every track. View our F1 24 Italy Setups

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