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Hungary is a suprisingly high downforce track where the corners come at you incredibly fast. The track is incredibly technical and requires a pin point car setup to give you the confidence to attack.
Laps Racing track icon 70
Circuit Length 4.381km
Track icon
Lap Record Stopwatch icon 1:16.627
Time Trial Record Stopwatch icon 1:14.940
Average Speed: 2/5
Track Grip: 4/5
Downforce: 4/5
Tyre Wear: 3/5

F1 23 Hungary Setups Video

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F1 23 Hungary Setup Guide

The Hungaroring has been a staple on the Formula 1 calendar for many years and is a circuit that is best compared to Monaco due to its technical nature.

The Hungarian track in F1 23 is an incredibly technical circuit that provides a tough challenge. A well-balanced car setup will certainly help to give you the confidence to attack the many corners, however, you’ll need a car setup that is incredibly stable with good front-end responsiveness.


You should look to setup your aerodynamics to be high downforce for Hungary in F1 23. This track has 14 corners, with each one posing a strong challenge to the very best cars.

There aren’t too many straights that lead onto overtaking spots, which means you can run a higher downforce car setup without too much penalty.


Your on-throttle differential should be setup to be incredibly low around Hungary. Each corner is relatively slow to medium speed, with many heavy traction zones.

One of the trickiest parts of mastering the Hungaroring in F1 23 is being able to apply the power on corner exit. A low on-throttle differential setup will help to ensure the wheels aren’t as prone to spinning and breaking traction.

Suspension Geometry

With so many corners and few straights, a high-camber, high-toe setup can work very well around Hungary. The additional camber angle will allow you to lean on your tyres through each turn providing extra grip mid-corner.

There is a much lower concern of excess drag around Hungary in F1 23 simply due to how hard it is to overtake. This means opting for additional toe angle at the rear of the car will help with stability and additional front toe will help to increase responsiveness.


The Hungaroring may be one of the harshest tracks in F1 23 on your suspension. The kerbs are high and aggressive and you will need to aim to drive over kerbs at every corner to post the fastest lap times.

This leads us to recommend an incredibly soft suspension setup to combat the aggressiveness of the kerbs and rumble strips. Softer suspensions will let your car drive over bumps and kerbs without as much of a penalty to instability.


Braking is very important around the Hungaroring, with many corners requiring some form of steering input to be applied alongside your braking. This should lead you towards a more even brake bias, closer to 50%.


With so many corners around a single lap, tyre wear is average to high. You can get away with setting your tyre pressures slightly lower to combat excess tyre temperature as it will also help you to apply the throttle easier on corner exit.

Hungary F1 23 setup overview

There is no doubt that Hungary is one of the harder tracks in F1 23, with many comparing it to Monaco in terms of its complexity, technicality and trickiness. Opt for a high downforce car setup that allows you to ride the kerbs well while remaining stable for maximum amounts of confidence around this tricky circuit.

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