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Shanghai International Circuit

Shanghai in China isn't on the official F1 23 calendar, but is a fan favourite track, which is why it has been included in F1 23. The track features an extremely long straight paired with a range of slow to fast corners that really test a driver and their car.
Laps Racing track icon 56
Circuit Length 5.451km
Track icon
Lap Record Stopwatch icon 1:32.238
Time Trial Record Stopwatch icon 1:31.847
Average Speed: 4/5
Track Grip: 2/5
Downforce: 3/5
Tyre Wear: 2/5

F1 23 China Setups Video

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F1 23 China Setup Guide

The Shanghai International Circuit in China is a fan favourite track that is missing from the official Formula 1 calendar in 2023. Luckily, the Chinese track is in F1 23, so we can still race around it.


China features a huge back straight which requires good top speed for you to be competitive during a race. If you set up your car with too much focus on aerodynamics and you will find it hard to overtake in F1 23.

You should look to lower your aerodynamic setup as much as you can for China in F1 23. You will need to ensure you keep a good amount of downforce so you aren’t too slow around the rest of the lap. You’ll likely end up with a low to medium aero setup for China in F1 23.


China is a track which has a fair few slower corners as well as fast turns. The slow corners will really test your ability to prevent your wheels from spinning while applying the throttle from such a low speed.

To help with traction, you can lower your on-throttle differential setup down close to 50%. Try to keep it away from 50% to ensure your rear wheels can push your car through the faster turns. You can adjust this manually during a race if you struggle to find the right balance for the entire lap.

Suspension Geometry

With the fast corners and long straights, minimising your drag is important. Run the usual setup of low camber to help with tyre wear, and minimal toe to minimise drag.


Shanghai in China is a relatively old track compared to some of the newer circuits on the calendar. And it was designed in an era where large kerbs were the best way to keep cars on track.

Because of this, you may want to set up your suspension for China in F1 23 to be on the softer side. This will allow you to attack the kerbs to minimise the corner angle.

To implement this strategy correctly, you’ll need to raise the ride height so the bottom of your car doesn’t make contact with the kerb or the track.


China has a lot of straight heavy braking zones, especially into turn 14 at the end of the long straight. These styles of corners require maximum brake pressure and a slightly front-focused brake bias. Y

ou may want to move the brake bias slightly more rearward for the first corner sequence as there will be a lot of load in the outside left tyre.


Tyres get a real punishment around the Shanghai International Circuit in F1 23. The combination of fast to medium-speed long sweeping corners puts the tyres under a lot of load for extended periods of time.

This makes tyre temperature a real issue during dry races. The best way to combat this is to lower your tyre pressures, especially at the front of the car.

China F1 23 setup overview

Overall, China is an incredibly fun track in F1 23. It features long sweeping corners and fast segments of track. These really benefit a driver who has a well balanced car underneath them, and a car that can handle the extreme tyre wear and larger kerbs.

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