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Silverstone Circuit

Silverstone is a real challenge in F1 23. It's a classic circuit with medium to high speed corners that require a very responsive car. You'll also be chasing a stable car setup to feel comfortable throughout a race.
Laps Racing track icon 52
Circuit Length 5.891km
Track icon
Lap Record Stopwatch icon 1:27.097
Time Trial Record Stopwatch icon 1:26.581
Average Speed: 4/5
Track Grip: 4/5
Downforce: 3/5
Tyre Wear: 4/5

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F1 23 Britain Setup Guide

Silverstone is one of the fastest tracks in F1 23 and has an instantly recognisable track layout. The famous corners of Maggotts, Becketts and Chapel are incredibly fast, requiring a responsive car that has great rear stability.

Other corners such as the much slower Vale chicane require a car that is great under braking with higher front downforce. With such a wide array of different corner types, Silverstone in F1 23 is one of the trickier tracks to create a car setup for.


Different parts of the lap will require different approaches to your aerodynamic setup. This results in compromises having to be made. You should end up with a car setup that is relatively neutral and well-balanced.

Despite the high-speed nature of Silverstone, a medium downforce setup is best due to the aero demand of the fast corners.


The higher speed corners allow you to run a higher on-throttle differential setup. This benefits your car and lap time by pushing you through the faster corners better, providing maximum acceleration mid-corner.

However, some corners such as Vale and the Loop will work your ability to not break traction much more. For these corners, it is recommended that you to lower your on-throttle differential setup on the approach to the corner, which can be done via your MFD or racing wheel.

Suspension Geometry

Silverstone is a track where higher camber angles are beneficial. This approach will allow you to lean more on your tyres mid-corner at higher speeds. This will provide more mechanical grip than a low camber setup.

You can also lower your toe setup to reduce drag and compensate for running a higher aerodynamic setup. Or, if you are running a more low downforce setup, you can increase the toe angle to provide a more responsive car.


Silverstone challenges you to attack each corner, especially the faster turns. This will lead you to attack the kerbs and ride up and over them. And this approach can unsettle your car making it feel unstable if you aren’t running a soft enough suspension setup.

As for anti-roll bars, stiffer ARBs will provide less body roll and make your car feel more responsive through corners. You can also use your ARB setup to adjust the tendency to understeer and oversteer.


Because Silverstone is such a high-speed track, the braking will be done from high speed, although many corners don’t require you to slow down too much. This means running a neutral brake bias can be beneficial opposed to setting your brake bias too far forward.


The tyre wear at Silverstone is a problem in F1 23. The fast corners will put high loads through your front tyres, and the sustained corners such as Copse and Stowe will put continuous load through your tyres. Both of these characteristics cause tyres to overheat and wear faster.

You can counteract this by lowering your tyre pressures, although lowering them too far can make your car feel less responsive. This is certainly a trait that you don’t want around the fast British circuit.

Silverstone F1 23 setup overview

Silverstone is a classic track in F1 23 that is incredibly fun to race around. The long straights allow for some good overtaking opportunities, and the wide run off areas don’t punish mistakes too hard.

Ensuring your car setup is right is very important around such a technical circuit, although a Silverstone car setup will always be a compromise between high speed responsiveness and tyre management.

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