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Albert Park Circuit

Australia is a track that has evolved over the past few years, with a few changes to the track layout. It is now an extremely fast circuit featuring a mixture of medium speed and fast corners, providing a real challenge.
Laps Racing track icon 58
Circuit Length 5.278km
Track icon
Lap Record Stopwatch icon 1:20.235
Time Trial Record Stopwatch icon 1:16.427
Average Speed: 4/5
Track Grip: 2/5
Downforce: 2/5
Tyre Wear: 2/5

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F1 23 Australia Setup Guide

The Albert Park circuit has undergone some track layout changes in the past few years. This has put the emphasis much more on Australia being a high speed circuit in F1 23.

There is an incredibly long back straight that is now even faster due to the removal of the chicane after turn 7. This has turned turn 9 into an overtake spot if you’re feeling brave!

Turn 11 has also been reprofiled making the entrance much wider. This has increased the apex speed of the corner, and allows cars to run side by side easier.

With these changes, Australia is now an incredibly fast and fun track in F1 23.

For your Australia car setup, you can focus on top speed, and remove a bit of aerodynamic downforce that you may have run in previous F1 games.

You’ll also have to pay attention to your mechanical grip through some of the faster corners. And look to optimise your on-throttle differential setup for the best traction out of the slower corners through the first and last sectors.


For your aerodynamic setup at Australia in F1 23, you can focus on top speed. However, ensure you have enough downforce for the slower turns through the first and last sectors.

There is a lot of time to be found through the slow and mid-speed corners. Make sure you have enough rear downforce, as the rear of your car will be under increased load through the extremely fast corners in the middle sector.


You can increase your on-throttle differential setup compared to previous years now that the track has become faster. There is more of an emphasis on mid-speed corners and high-speed sectors.

However, you will need to keep an eye on your traction, especially through the last sequence of corners which are the slowest on the track. It can often be hard to accelerate out of turns 13 and 14 without experiencing loss of traction.

Suspension Geometry

Tyre wear around Melbourne isn’t as harsh as it is at some other tracks in F1 23. This means you can run a more aggressive suspension geometry setup. Increasing the camber angle will help with mechanical grip through the faster corners and allow you to carry more speed through higher speed corners.

Reducing your toe is a good choice around Australia in F1 23. Lower toe setups will reduce the amount of drag that you experience and increase your top speed which is important around Melbourne.


You can run a reasonably stiff suspension setup at this track due to the faster corners. The kerbs around Albert Park aren’t too aggressive, meaning that a stiffer suspension won’t punish you through each corner.

It will help maintain your speed through faster corners by reducing the amount of body roll you experience.


There are some heavy braking zones around this track thanks to the higher speeds you’ll be racing at. Ensure your brakes are set up to give you maximum pressure along with stability.


Tyres won’t wear as fast around Australia in F1 23 compared to other tracks. This lets you run higher tyre pressures, although keep an eye on your tyre temperatures throughout each race session.

If you find yourself spinning your rear wheels each lap out of the slower corners, you can quickly start to suffer with higher tyre temperatures.

Abu Dhabi F1 23 setup overview

Australia is an incredibly fun circuit, increasingly so thanks to the track layout changes. The high speed nature of Albert Park will let you run an aggressive car setup, although keep one eye on your tyre temperatures throughout longer race stints.

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