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F1 24 is now out, and we have created optimised car setups for every track. View our F1 24 Abu Dhabi Setups

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Yas Marina Circuit

Abu Dhabi hosts the last round in F1 23, and its a circuit that features plenty of long straights leading to overtaking spots. Now infamous for the Hamilton, Verstappen battle that decided the title in the 2021 Formula 1 season.
Laps Racing track icon 58
Circuit Length 5.281km
Track icon
Lap Record Stopwatch icon 1:26.103
Time Trial Record Stopwatch icon 1:22.944
Average Speed: 3/5
Track Grip: 2/5
Downforce: 3/5
Tyre Wear: 3/5

F1 23 Abu Dhabi Setups Video

Below is our full car setup video for our recommended F1 23 Abu Dhabi Setups.

F1 23 Abu Dhabi Setup Guide

The Abu Dhabi circuit is a tricky one to master in F1 23. It features extremely long straights combined with a mixture of fast and slow corners. This makes our F1 23 Abu Dhabi setup a tricky one to balance.

You’ll require a car with minimal drag to ensure you aren’t too slow on the long straights. If you are, you’ll be easy to overtake during a race! You’ll also require great traction to help you accelerate out of the slower corners.

Due to the removal of the slow chicane in the first sector and the chicane at the end of the second long straight. Abu Dhabi in F1 23 has much more emphasis on straight line speed than it does on high downforce.


Your Aero setup around Abu Dhabi in F1 23 is important. In past games, you had to create a much more downforce-heavy car setup due to the tight chicanes. However, since two of the slow chicanes have been removed in F1 23, you can focus more on top speed.


It is incredibly important to ensure that you have the best traction possible around Abu Dhabi. There are a few very slow corners that lead on to long straights. This requires you to accelerate hard from low speed, which can break your traction.

Focus on a low on-throttle differential setup to ensure you have the best traction possible.

Suspension Geometry

You can further focus on increasing traction with your suspension geometry. Removing some camber setup will help ensure more of your tyre is in contact with the road. This won’t hurt your lap time around Abu Dhabi as there aren’t too many long sweeping corners.

Ensure you have good responsiveness by increasing your toe angles. This is important to give you a responsive car which will help you turn into the many 90 degree corners. However, this is a balancing act as too much toe will reduce your top speed.


Abu Dhabi is a relatively flat and smooth track due to it being fairly new. This means that you can run a stiffer suspension and anti roll bar setup than at other tracks in F1 23.

Don’t push your suspension too stiff though as your car can become unbalanced over the large kerbs, especially through the chicane at the end of the first long straight.


Your brake setup should be set to full pressure and your brake bias towards 50% which is the norm in F1 23. If you struggle with any rear locking in the heavier braking zones, move your brake bias slightly forward.


Abu Dhabi is pretty harsh on tyre wear, even though it is relatively smooth. This is because you’ll be travelling at high speed, and managing wheel spin out of some of the slower corners. Both of these aspects will lead to increased tyre temperature in F1 23.

Abu Dhabi F1 23 setup overview

While Abu Dhabi used to be a bit of a nightmare to create a car setup for, it is a little easier in F1 23 thanks to the removal of two slow chicanes. It still poses some challenges such as how much to prioritise your top speed compared to cornering speed and mechanical grip.

You can also suffer from increased tyre wear due to Abu Dhabi being a rear-limited circuit. Managing your wheel spin and tyre temperatures in the desert is one of the tougher challenges that Yas Marina poses in F1 23.

F1 24 is now out, and we have created optimised car setups for every track. View our F1 24 Abu Dhabi Setups

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