F1 23 Car Setups

Find the best F1 23 car setups for every track. Our car setups will help you improve your lap times at each track. Below, you'll find car setups that are designed for races, as well as qualifying setups and time trial setups for each track and car in F1 23.

Choose the track you're looking for an F1 23 car setup for below to see all car setups available. We have wet and dry car setups for each track, as well as car setups optimsed for race, qualifying and time trial.

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How To Use These F1 23 Car Setups on Xbox, PlayStation & PC

All our F1 23 car setups can be used on all platforms including Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 & PC.
To see how to use these car setups in F1 23, read our quick and easy to follow guide.

Watch our video for the best F1 23 setup for every track

Watch our complete F1 23 setups video that features our optimised car setup for every single track in F1 23. In the video description, you can jump between each track to view the best setup for that specific track.

The F1 23 setups in the video below are created in-house by our setup team and are the official Sim Racing Setups F1 23 setups. You can find these setups and more car setups that have been created by the community by browsing through the various tracks using the links above.

The Best F1 23 Setups For Races, Qualifying & Time Trial

Our F1 23 setups hub is where you can find all of the very best car setups for every track in F1 23. Our car setups feature a range of different car setups for each track in F1 23 from a variety of sim racers, Esports pros and members of our community.

You’ll find a mixture of race setups, qualifying setups and time trial setups. All of these F1 23 car setups can be used in any game mode including MyTeam and online league races.

Our F1 23 setups can be used on all consoles, including Xbox Series X, PS5 and PC, as well as previous generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

F1 23 Race setups

Our race specific car setups are designed to be used in longer distance races, of over 25% distance. They are ideal for full distance races and can be used in 50% races.

They have been specifically designed to be kind on your tyres, allowing you to extend each stint during a race in F1 23, preventing you from having to pit too often.

Each car setup for every track has had the tyre pressures carefully setup to keep the tyre temperatures within the correct working window.

F1 23 Time Trial setups

Our time trial car setups for F1 23 are tailored to produce the fastest possible car around each track. Tyre temperatures are disabled in the time trial game mode, so we can focus our setup entirely on the ultimate fastest lap time.

These setups won’t be as efficient in race scenarios, as they haven’t been designed to factor in tyre wear. If you are competing in MyTeam or in online league races, we would recommend using our race specific F1 23 car setups.

Some of the car setups on our platform have been created by our own expert team of setup creators. Others have been created and uploaded by members of the F1 23 community. All users can upload their own F1 23 setups for others to use and rate.

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