F1 22 Singapore Setups

The best F1 22 Singapore setups | Fastest race setups, time trial setups & wet weather setups

F1 22 Singapore Setups

Below are all of our F1 22 Singapore Setups for both dry and wet conditions. These include race and time trial setups.

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    How To Use Our F1 23 Setups

    All of our F1 23 car setups can be used on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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    Singapore F1 22 setup

    Singapore, despite being a street circuit is almost nothing like Monaco. It does feature some technical sectors where you’ll be travelling at slow speeds but also features a few longer straights where overtaking is possible.

    The majority of corners around Singapore in F1 22 are 90 degree left or right-handers. Your goal is to slow down as efficiently as possible, hit the apex and then accelerate hard. There are a few flowing chicanes as well, especially the first corner sequence and the corners in the last sector.

    All of these turns lead us to want a higher downforce setup, but not as extreme as Monaco.


    I would recommend turning your aero up close to the maximum to allow you to master the technical corner sections around Singapore in F1 22.

    You can keep both front and rear aero at the same, or close to similar values as neither front nor rear is overly more prevalent than the other.

    A high downforce setup like this will impact your straight-line speed, however, the majority of the track consists of corners. In fact, Singapore has one of the highest corner counts in F1 22. So a focus on these corners over the straights is the right way to go.


    You will be accelerating at a lower speed a lot around Singapore. This leads us to want to lower the on-throttle differential to help manage our throttle control and wheel spin on corner exit.

    You can also set up your off-throttle diff low as well. This will give you a little more rotation at lower speeds which will help you get turned into the slower corners.

    Suspension setup

    Both your suspension geometry and suspension can be set up pretty balanced. You won’t want to focus too extreme on your camber and toe. You won’t need high levels of camber as the corners are mainly slow to medium speed. While you will want to keep your toe around the middle setting to ensure you get a good mixture of responsiveness and straight-line speed.

    You can look to run your rear suspension softer than your rear to help with rear traction. A softer rear suspension will make your ar slightly easier to drive. And it’ll aid with getting on the throttle consistently and without mistake out of the corners.

    Tyre setup

    Tyre wear can be an issue around Singapore, simply due to the sheer number of corners. To counteract this, run all of your tyre pressures lower than usual. This will help keep your tyre temperatures down and your tyre wear to a minimum. However, don’t go too low otherwise you will start to compromise your car’s overall responsiveness.

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