F1 22 Japan Setups

The best F1 22 Japan setups | Fastest race setups, time trial setups & wet weather setups

F1 22 Japan Setups

Below are all of our F1 22 Japan Setups for both dry and wet conditions. These include race and time trial setups.

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How To Use Our F1 23 Setups

All of our F1 23 car setups can be used on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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Japan F1 22 Setups

Suzuka is a fantastic circuit to race on and in F1 22 Japan is just as fun to drive as ever. It’s characterised by fast sweeping corners that require you to be on the right part of the track at all times. If you get out of shape, it will hurt your lap time for multiple corners that follow.

There is also a very long straight in the last sector that can promote overtaking down into the last chicane. Overall, it’s a tricky circuit to tune your car for, making your Japan F1 22 setup as important as any on the calendar.

You should mainly look to ensure you have a balanced and stable car setup. Stability is crucial throughout the whole track. Through the first sector, you have the legendary Snake corners. These require a perfect balance as you throw your car from left to right and back again multiple times.

Then the fast corners such as 130R really test your rear downforce and stability. Finally, the slow chicane just before the pit straight really tests your ability to turn in at slow speed as well as your corner exit traction.

Aerodynamic setup

To overcome the challenge of the wide mixture of corners around Suzuka, you should keep your aero setup balanced. You’ll ideally need high downforce for the first sector and low downforce for the last. So keeping it balanced wont compromise either parts of the lap too much.

You should look to produce an aero setup that is front focused. This means slightly higher aero at the front compared to the rear. Suzuka is a front-limited track meaning your front tyre grip is the limiting factor throughout a race. They will wear more than your rears and you’ll start to experience understeer through the long sweeping corners during a race if not well managed.

A slightly front biased aero setup will help keep your nose planted throughout the lap avoiding as much understeer as possible.

Differential setup

Due to the high number of medium-speed corners and only one really slow corner, you can keep your on-throttle differential setup relatively high. A high on-throttle diff will help drive you through the medium speed corners and ensure you maintain a higher minimum corner speed.

Suspension setup

Your suspension setup at Japan in F1 22 will follow your aero setup in principle. You will benefit most from a balanced suspension setup. Too soft and you’ll experience too much roll through the sweeping corners, but too high and you may find your car is too unpredictable as well as too tough on your tyres.

Somewhere in the middle is ideal for Suzuka. This will help limit tyre wear as well as maximising performance as much as possible. The same goes for your anti-roll bars. Keep them slightly on the stiffer side of balanced.

For your suspension geometry setup, you should again position your setup on the higher side of medium. Higher levels of camber will allow your car to maintain speed while leaning on your tyres through the sweeping corners.

Higher amounts toe will improve your car’s responsiveness which is especially important through the first winding corners. Both of these setup adjustments can lead to accelerating tyre wear as they are deemed as an aggressive setup approach.

If you find yourself struggling with too much tyre temperature and tyre wear throughout a race, you may want to reduce your toe a little but try to keep your camber relatively high. Lower camber will mean you’ll suffer a performance loss through the sweeping corners.

Tyre setup

As your front tyres will be wearing relatively heavily through the prolonged sweeping corners around Japan, you should look to negate some wear via your tyre setup.

Reducing tyre pressures can help reduce some tyre temperatures throughout a race distance. However, lower tyre pressures will reduce your car’s responsiveness which is far from ideal. There is a perfect middle ground, which will round out our very balanced Suzuka setup for F1 22.

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