F1 22 Hungary Setups

The best F1 22 Hungary setups | Fastest race setups, time trial setups & wet weather setups

F1 22 Hungary Setups

Below are all of our F1 22 Hungary Setups for both dry and wet conditions. These include race and time trial setups.

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    All of our F1 23 car setups can be used on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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    Hungary F1 22 Setup

    One of the first tracks I race around in any F1 game is Hungary. It features a wide variety of corners from fast turns to very slow and technical sectors. That’s why one of the first car setups I end up creating is my Hungary F1 22 setup.

    Hungary is nicknamed Monaco without walls, and for good reason. Yes, the track may be wider than Monaco, but it is equally technical in certain areas and overtaking can be incredibly hard. Although with the new era of the 2022 Formula 1 car, overtaking will hopefully be a little easier around Hungary in F1 22.

    When it comes to creating your F1 22 Hungarian setup, you should opt for a high downforce route due to the sheer number of slow to medium speed corners. High downforce is always the best way to go around Hungary, although not to the extreme.

    There is the long pit straight where overtaking is most likely, so you can’t opt for maximum front and rear aerodynamics in your setup. If you do, you’ll be much slower than other cars along the pit straight leaving you vulnerable to being overtaken.

    Aero setup

    As mentioned, high aero is the best way to succeed around Hungary in F1 22. You should opt for a fairly average front aero, with higher rear aero. Some of the corners are longer sweeping corners such as the first two and last two turns.

    These corners require your rear end to remain stable as you’ll start applying throttle mid-corner while you’re still turning. Ensuring you have enough rear aero is key to being able to get a good exit off of these corners. That’s important as the last sweeping corner leads right onto the long pit straight so optimising your exit is key.

    Differential setup

    Your differential setup is as important as ever around Hungary. You’ll have to optimise your on-throttle diff to maximise your corner exit and to avoid overheating your rear tyres.

    I would always recommend a relatively low on-throttle differential to aid traction out of the slower corners. Low on-throttle diff will stop your rear tyres from breaking traction as easy as high values do. While this can limit your pure acceleration ability, it helps a lot to avoid excess wheel spin when accelerating from low speeds.

    You can also lower your off-throttle diff around Hungary. A lower off-throttle diff setup will help your car rotate better into slower corners. It can work with your front aero to limit understeer when turning at low to medium speeds.

    Suspension setup

    There are a fair few large kerbs around Hungary, and you’ll want to try and be driving over a lot of them to minimise your corner angle. This is especially true of the extremely slow chicane in sector 2 along with the sweeping left and right corners that follow.

    To ensure you don’t have a car that responds badly to bumps and kerbs, aim for a softer suspension setup. Around Hungary in F1 22, a softer suspension will help balance your car throughout the lap. This’ll allow you to push your car that little bit more and with more confidence that it wont become unstable.

    You may need to increase your ride height away from the low setup that we see at other tracks. Setting your ride height to around the middle of the setup region or just below should give you enough clearance to avoid your floor hitting the road surface as it rebounds back from some of the larger bumps and kerbs.

    Brake setup

    The braking zones around Hungary in F1 22 aren’t nearly as heavy as some tracks. You simply don’t get up to the high speeds that you do at some other F1 22 circuits. This allows you to run higher brake pressures without as much of a risk of locking a front wheel under braking.

    Your brake bias should hover around the 56% mark. This is a good combination of forward brake bias without being too forward to start causing locked wheels.

    Tyre setup

    Because Hungary isn’t one of the F1 22 high degradation tracks, you can go for higher tyre pressures. Essentially at every track in F1 22, your aim is to run your tyre pressures as high as you can without causing excess overheating.

    Around Hungary, that limit is higher than most tracks. High tyre pressures will give you slightly more overall performance and around Hungary, they won’t cause too much excess tyre wear.

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