F1 22 Canada Setups

The best F1 22 Canada setups | Fastest race setups, time trial setups & wet weather setups

F1 22 Canada Setups

Below are all of our F1 22 Canada Setups for both dry and wet conditions. These include race and time trial setups.

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    All of our F1 23 car setups can be used on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

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    Canada F1 22 Setup

    During last season we didn’t get to see Canada, however, in F1 22 we will get to race around Canada. It’s a track that is extremely fast with some very fun corners. You’ll need a well balanced low aerodynamic setup allowing you to be fast down the incredibly long back straight while fast and stable through the medium to fast corners.

    There are a fair few overtaking opportunities around Canada, with the main one coming at the end of the long back straight into the final chicane. Your Canada F1 22 setup will have to be just right to ensure you’re fast enough down this long straight to make overtaking a possibility.

    Aerodynamic setup

    The long straight is one of the most important parts of the Canadian track. While it’s the easiest part of the track to drive, it is where the majority of overtakes will take place. It’s also DRS assisted, meaning if you have a slower top speed, you’ll be incredibly easy to overtake and have a miserable race.

    Tuning your aerodynamic setup should be done with this long straight in mind. Too much aero and you will be too slow along the straight. Too little and you’ll have a tough time through the first and middle sectors.

    Ideally, you should create your Canadian F1 22 setup with your front wing set as low as you can get away with. This means, lowering it to the point where it doesn’t hinder your speed and ability to turn your car into the slower corners too much.

    You can keep your rear aero slightly higher than your front. This will aid will rear stability through the faster corners and won’t impact your top speed as much as your front aero does.

    You can always improve your cornering ability through slower corners by running a slightly stiffer front suspension or decreasing your off-throttle differential.

    Differential setup

    Your differential setup is very important around Canada in F1 22. You will need to manage your on-throttle differential throughout a race. This means changing it manually from behind the wheel. This is because you will ideally need a lower on-throttle differential to help you accelerate out of the turn 10 hairpin most efficiently. Then a higher on-throttle diff setup will help give you extra drive through the faster corners.

    As mentioned above, you can also play with your off-throttle differential setup to help give the front of your car a little more ability to hit corners apexes. Running low front aero will make your car prone to understeer into corners. A low off-throttle diff will counteract this by giving your car a little more turn-in ability at lower speeds.

    Suspension setup

    I mentioned above that a stiffer front suspension will help with your car’s overall responsiveness. This is true but it’ll also make your car a little more unpredictable over the kerbs. And Canada is a track where there is a lot of lap time to be gained from attacking the kerbs at every opportunity.

    I would recommend running a softer suspension setup to help your car behave when you drive over kerbs. Then try and make up for the understeer generated from a low front wing aero in other parts of your Canadian F1 22 car setup.

    Your anti-roll bars can be set up to be stiffer than your suspension. These won’t impact your ability to ride over kerbs but will help reduce the amount of body roll you experience when cornering at higher speeds. Stiffer anti-roll bars will prevent your car from leaning from side to side as you throw your car into corners at high speed.

    Your toe setup can help responsiveness or it can be tuned to increase your straight-line speed. I would recommend doing the latter and focusing your toe setup on straight-line speed. Toe affects the amount that your front wheels point out at the front. This helps improve responsiveness which can help through corners, but along straights, it’ll cause excess drag which will slow your car.

    Brake setup

    Your Canadian F1 22 brake setup is very important. There are a couple of heavy braking zones from high speed around Canada, so reducing your overall stopping distance can help you find extra lap time.

    You should opt for high, if not 100% brake pressure to reduce stopping distance. Then adjust your brake bias throughout a lap manually. You will want a relatively front-biased brake bias for the heavier stops, and then a slightly more rearward brake bias for the faster, shorter braking zones.

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