F1 22 Bahrain Setups

The best F1 22 Bahrain setups | Fastest race setups, time trial setups & wet weather setups

F1 22 Bahrain Setups

Below are all of our F1 22 Bahrain Setups for both dry and wet conditions. These include race and time trial setups.

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Bahrain F1 22 setups

Bahrain is a track that has served as the first race in the Formula 1 calendar for a few years. It also saw double-action in 2020, when Formula 1 visited the track twice, albeit using two different track layouts.

In F1 22 Bahrain only appears on the calendar once right at the beginning. It is a rear limited track that includes a few fun and fast corner sequences. There are also long straights followed by heavy braking zones. All of these characteristics allow for Bahrain to be one of the more enjoyable tracks to race around in F1 22.

As your main design principle, you should focus on a relatively low downforce car with a priority on extra rear aero. This extra downforce at the rear of your car will help with stability through the fast sweeping turns throughout the Bahrain circuit.

F1 22 Bahrain Aero Setup

Bahrain is a rear limited track meaning you’re going to be restricted by your rear tyres. You can look to enhance your setup to focus on the rear of your car. Running slightly higher aerodynamics at the rear of your car compared to the front will help with rear downforce.

Extra rear downforce will allow you to take the faster corners such as turns 11 and 12 with more confidence. It’ll also stop the rear of your car from sliding as much which will help with rear tyre wear.

The areas where you need to try and preserve your rear tyres most are the exits of the slower corners. There are a few slow corners around the track such as turns 1, 4 and 10. Limiting oversteer and rear slip is crucial for these parts of the track. Again, additional rear downforce will help here.

You can also lower your on-throttle differential to assist in stopping your rear tyres from spinning up as fast. Perfecting these corner exits will give you good opportunities of overtaking down the long straights that follow.

Suspension setup

Around Bahrain, you will need to attack the kerbs at a fair few corners. This will reduce the corner angles and allow you to post faster lap times. To be able to do this you will need a slightly softer than average suspension setup.

Running a soft suspension will stop your car from bouncing too much and reacting as badly to the kerbs around Bahrain in F1 22.

Due to the fast nature of the Bahrain track in F1 22, you can run a more aggressive suspension geometry setup. You will be leaning on your tyres a lot, so higher angles of camber can help maintain mid-corner speed.

You should also keep your toe setup fairly low. This is due to the long straights where you will want to minimise drag. Excess amounts of toe (where the wheels point outwards at the front) will cause drag and too much toe can slow your top speed potential. It’ll also increase tyre temperatures and tyre wear if you run too much toe.

Brake setup

Bahrain is possibly one of the trickiest circuits when it comes to braking zones. There are a few big stops where you’ll be slowing to a slow speed from a very high speed. But there are also a few tricky braking zones.

Braking into turns 9 and 10 is possibly the hardest corner in the whole F1 22 game. You will be braking downhill, off-camber while applying steering lock. This is essentially everything you don’t want in braking zones all in one corner.

Ensuring your brake pressure isn’t too high can help avoid locking a wheel into turn 10. You can also adjust your brake bias rearward for this corner to again help avoid locking your front left wheel.

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