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Below are all of our Brazilian Setups F1 2021 for both dry and wet conditions. These include race and time trial setups.

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Brazilian F1 2021 setup guide

The Interlagos Grand Prix circuit in Brazil is an extremely fun circuit to drive in F1 2021. Just like the Austrian circuit, Brazil features a very short track layout, which features a wide amount of slow to medium speed sweeping corners.

To suceed around Brazil in F1 2021, you need a setup which gives you enough downforce at the front to get the front end turned in well. Plus a very sticky rear end allowing you to maximise your mid corner speed through the long sweeping turns.

There is also a long straight between turns in between turns 14 and 1, as well as another fast straight after the first sequence of corners. You have to keep these straights in mind, as too much downforce will mean you’ll be slow on the straights and struggle to overtake or defend during the race.

Other than these long straights, the rest of the track including the long sweeping medium speed corners all demand a medium to higher downforce setup in F1 2021. You will need the rear downforce to ensure you aren’t losing time through the whole of the second and third sectors of the lap.

Try to keep your front downforce as low as you can get away with, as a high front wing angle will really hurt your straight line speed.

An aggressive setup will work around Brazil in F1 2021

Brazil isn’t known to be a high tyre degradation circuit. Yes, there are long sweeping corners which are taken at reasonably high speed, and typically this would hurt your tyres. However the track surface, and the lack of high traction zones mean that Brazil is fairly balanced on tyre wear.

Due to there not being many overly slow corners, there isn’t a need to setup your on-throttle differential too low. Instead, you can tune your on-throttle diff fairly aggressively into a more locked position. This will help your car accelerate as efficiently as possible through and out of the medium speed corners. And you shouldn’t suffer any real loss of traction out of any of the corners.

You can also setup your suspension geometry reasonably aggressive. High amounts of camber will benefit your mid corner speed through the long corners, allowing you to lean on the outside tyres more.

Because of the heavy emphasis on medium speed corners you may want to run higher amounts of toe. However try to keep the toe relatively balanced, if not slightly lower than average. Lower toe will help your straight line speed down the main pit straight, and could help you attack and defend more during the race.

Brazil is a very balanced circuit which requires a balanced car setup

One of the reasons that Brazil is so fun to drive is that is features a lot of medium speed corners, and doesn’t have many slower corners. And each corner is very sweeping in nature, meaning there isn’t many typical 90 degree turns.

These corners all require a medium aerodynamic setup, and that mentality should apply to your suspension setup as well. While there is a good amount of elevation change throughout a lap of Brazil in F1 2021, the track itself isn’t too bumpy and the kerbs are very low.

This means you don’t need to run a setup which is too soft, yet you don’t want a stiff suspension setup. Try to keep your suspension and anti-roll bar setup reasonably balanced.

A balanced suspension will allow you to take some kerb during corners where you need to. And it will keep your car responsive during some of the quicker corners.

The ride height should follow a similar trend, running just below average. Due to the smooth surface you can lower your ride height a little below default.

When it comes to your brake pressure setup, this is a little down to your own personal preference. I would recommend setting it fairly high to help slow the car down into the heavy braking zones of turn 1 and 4. Again, follow the balanced trend of our Brazilian car setup guide, by keeping your brake bias balanced between front and rear.

You can look to setup your brake bias more rearward than you would for other car setups in F1 2021. This will help keep your car balanced under braking into the sweeping corners.

Because Brazil isn’t too harsh on tyre wear, you can keep your tyre pressures reasonably balanced, just like much of the rest of your Brazilian car setup. I would recommend you lower your tyre pressures just a touch to help keep your car soft over the many kerbs around Brazil in F1 2021.

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