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Australian F1 2021 setup guide

Australia may not be hosting the opening Grand Prix in many years in F1 2021. But it is still on the official calendar, currently scheduled to be held in November just after the Brazilian Grand Prix. So because of this, Australia is included in the F1 2021 game.

However, the Australian Grand Prix in F1 2021, does have a different layout compared to previous years.

New Australian track layout

The new layout of the Australian Grand Prix track is reflected in the F1 2021 game version. And because of these layout changes, our overall Australian car setup will have a slightly different approach this year.

Essentially, the Melbourne circuit has become much more high speed in nature. Some corners such as turns 3, 6 and 15 have widened and shallower apexes. These wider corners allow you to carry more speed through the apex in F1 2021.

The biggest change of all comes at turn 9 and 10, where the chicane has been completely removed. Gone is the slow speed, heavy traction corner, and in its place is a full throttle sweep.

Again, this change leads to a much faster overall track time, and removes one of the slowest corners on the track. The last change is a change in turn 13. Here there is a straightening of the approach, allowing you brake in a straighter line. And there is also a widened corner, allowing cars to carry more speed through the apex.

You can see all circuit changes in the image below.

F1 2021 Australian Track Layout Changes

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How the new track will affect car setup in F1 2021

Ultimately these track changes will make for a quicker lap time, and a much higher average speed. This places more emphasis on straight line speed, low drag car setups in this years game.

Gone is the heavy traction zone of turn 9 and 10, which was one of the tricker corners in past games. This, combined with the widening of turn 15, which is the slowest corner on the track, allow there to be less emphasis on rear traction from slow speeds.

Instead, we can focus our car setup on having a stiffer rear end, with lower amounts of rear aerodynamics built in to the setup. With the low-ish tyre wear around Melbourne, all of this means you can run aggressive suspension geometry.

A more aggressive than normal suspension geometry will put your car setup closer to those found in the time trial leaderboards. This will also allow for higher mid corner speeds, as you’ll be able to lean more on each tyre.

You should look for stiffer suspension setup overall, with the front setup to be softer than the rear of the car. This will allow the front end to not react too poorly when attacking kerbs. While the stiffer rear will allow your car to remain stable while carrying more speed through each turn.

One of the last changes in our F1 2021 Australian setup compared to our 2020 setup, is that you can run higher tyre pressures this year. Before we had to run lower rear tyre pressures to allow for maximum traction out of the slower corners.

However with a couple of slower corners being altered or removed altogether, we can bump up the tyre pressures to give the car more rigidity.