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F1 2020 setup guide overview – Mexico

In real life Formula 1 racing, the extreme altitude of the Mexican Grand Prix gives real F1 teams a problem. The thinner air reduces the power of the turbo hybrid engines. However, in the F1 2020 game, we don’t have to worry about this problem!

Mexico is an F1 track which is comprised of tighter corners and long straights. The key to a fast lap time is attacking every corner. The quickest drivers learn where they can place their cars without breaking track limits. There are a few corners which give you the opportunity to put your wheels over the white line and shorten the track.


The fast nature of the Mexican circuit gives us the opportunity to lower our aerodynamics. Unlike many circuits, this Mexican circuit actually requires us to run higher front wing downforce than rear. This ensures the front of the car stays responsive eliminating any understeer.

You don’t require an overly high downforce rear end around Mexico. Most of the corners are slow speed, other than the fast esses before you hit the stadium section. These can be taken almost flat out, with a little lift to ensure the back end doesn’t become too loose.


Because many of the corners are low speed, that requires us to accelerate heavily from low speed. Despite this, many of the traction zones aren’t too bad for causing wheel spin. This gives us the opportunity to run a higher than average on-throttle differential setup.

Increasing this would normally cause excess tyre wear. However Mexico isn’t too hard on your tyres, so don’t worry too much about it. You should also look to increase your off-throttle differential to almost maximum. This will ensure you get the best run through the long last corner and through the esses.

Suspension Geometry

Because the modern Mexico circuit is light on tyre wear, we can setup our suspension geometry for maximum attack. We would recommend running close to a time trial setup for your suspension geometry.

The lower camber will give you higher levels of responsiveness, while the low toe will ensure you have the highest top speed possible. This is important around Mexico for both attacking and defending other drivers down the long straights.


Due to the fact that you will be attacking most of the corners, you will find yourself riding over the bumpy kerbs often. To ensure you don’t upset your car’s balance you should run a soft suspension setup for both the suspension and the anti-roll bars.

This soft setup also has the added benefit of decreasing tye wear. This, in combination with the aggressive suspension geometry, creates a very well balanced setup.

As with most of our F1 2020 setups, you should run a low ride height with more height at the rear of the car. This helps turn in and responsiveness in to the slow corners.


The long straights and slow corners mean only one thing. Heavy braking zones. You will want to maximise your braking performance to help you make and defend overtakes. Do this by increasing your brake pressure reasonably high.

Pair this with a brake bias that is balanced around 53-54. The more balanced brake bias takes a little weight out of the front under braking, allowing the front end to be a little more responsive.


Due to the aggressive nature of our setup up to now, we would recommend using the tyre pressures to help tyre wear. You can lower your pressures, front and rear, to help improve tyre wear through a long race. If you find you aren’t suffering with too much tyre wear, you can keep these around default.

How To Best Drive The Mexican Grand Prix Circuit in F1 2020

Mexico is an extremely popular circuit among league racers and online lobbies. It is a fast circuit where you can attack almost every corner. There are long straights and heavy braking zones which promote on track battling.

The Mexican setup guide above should ensure you have the highest straight line speed. This will give you a great advantage heading down the long straights. Turns 1 and 4 provide the best opportunity to attack the car in front, and both are DRS assisted.