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F1 2020 setup guide overview – Italy

Our F1 2020 Italian setup will feature the lowest downforce of any track on the F1 2020 calendar. It is a circuit which is made up of a lot of long straights, followed by heavy braking zones. These long straights force you to run an extremely low downforce car setup.

If you run just the slightest bit of too much aerodynamics, it will hurt you all the way through the race. Running low downforce will help your top speed and provide more overtaking opportunities.

You should also prioritise your car’s traction on corner exit. You will need to ensure you’re getting the best acceleration out of every turn. If you don’t you will be vulnerable to being overtaken along the straights.

Starting with the aero, we lower this almost to its lowest setup. Ensure you set the rear downforce one point higher than the front. This will put a little more downforce in to the rear of your car on acceleration. This extra rear downforce will in turn help your rear wheels grip under acceleration.

You can go two ways with your differential setup for Monza. You can either lower your on-throttle differential to give you the easiest acceleration possible. This setup choice would allow you to accelerate harder out of corners, without risking wheel spin.

Alternatively, you can raise the on-throttle differential to give the best drive out of the corners. This style of setup will cause more wheel spin meaning you’ll have to manage yourself with your throttle application.

We would recommend going with the second option of a high / locked differential setup. If you can learn to manage your wheel spin, this style of setup will give you the best amount of drive out of the slow corners.

With our Monza race setup for F1 2020, we go away from the usual aggressive suspension geometry. The rear wheels will start to wear out throughout a race due to our aggressive differential setup. We should combat this by adding camber and toe to our setup.

The absolute fastest time trial setups will remove all camber and toe, but in a race will lead to very high tyre wear. Our setup guide recommends combating this, by prioritising tyre wear with our suspension geometry.

Monza is made up of almost entirely left right chicanes. This requires a very responsive car. To achieve this responsiveness, we will stiffen the car up. We’ll stiffen the front suspension a little while keeping the rear suspension balanced. This will give great turn in responsiveness. It’ll also keep the rear of the car soft enough to soak up some of the kerbs.

The anti-roll bars should mimic this style of setup, and the ride height should be set low. Try and keep the rear ride height one point higher than the front. This will give the car a little more rotation when turning in to corners.

Due to the high speed nature of Monza, we need to ensure our car setup lets us slow down as quick as possible. do this by increasing your brake pressure to above 90. This, combined with a brake pressure of around 54-55 will allow you to slow down as quick as possible. The more rearward braking bias will help combat any front wheel lockups caused by the high brake pressure.

To preserve our car’s tyre wear, we will lower the tyre pressures front and rear. Not only will this help your tyre wear throughout a race, it’ll also help your car’s traction. The lower rear pressures means more rubber will be touching the track, meaning you are less likely to spin your rear wheels.

How To Best Drive The Italian Grand Prix Circuit in F1 2020

Italy is a hugely fun circuit to drive in F1 2020. It is made up almost entirely of long straights and heavy braking zones. Strangely for an F1 circuit, almost all of the corners around Monza can be used as overtaking opportunities.

To ensure you aren’t susceptible to being overtaken throughout the lap, you need to ensure you aren’t losing too much straight line speed. If you follow our setup tips above, you will have a car that is great around Monza.

The main way of having a good Italian race, is to manage your rear traction. If you manage your traction well, you will not only preserve your tyres throughout a race. But you will also ensure you get the best run on to any straight. This will maximise your overtaking chances whilst minimising your risk of being attacked from cars behind.

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