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Spain F1 2019 Setup Guide Overview

Formula 1 use the Spanish Grand Prix circuit for winter testing every year, and there is a good reason for that. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has a little bit of everything, and tests a cars setup balance fully. It is a track which is balanced with fast corners, slow corners and technical sections. Because of this track design, it is a great layout to test Formula 1 cars in almost every aspect.

The circuit starts with a series of fast sweeping corners which requires a well balanced and stable car setup. The track then segments in to a very technical final sector comprised of a series of quick direction changes and slow chicanes.

Due to this final sector being so technical the AI in F1 2019 will drive a little faster than average.

You will require a good mixture of responsiveness and straight line speed, because as well as the quick corners throughout, Spain has a very long back straight. If you tune your car setup slightly too much for the technical sectors you will find yourself getting overtaken easily on the long straight in to turn 1.

Spain can also be very hard on tyre wear, due to its fast past sweeping corners, some of which are very elongated. There are three very long right hand corners which put a lot of stress through your tyres. These high-wear corners will wear down your front left tyre in particular.

How To Best Drive The Spanish Grand Prix Circuit

How do I balance aerodynamics and straight line speed around Spain?

Spain calls for a very balanced setup. The last section is extremely slow and technical, so too little front wing and you will be slow through here, making you vulnerable on the pit straight. However too much wing and you will be slow on the long straight. So balance is key.

How do I manage tyre wear around Spain?

To manage rear tyre wear, you should open the on-throttle differential. This wont punish the rear tyres as much on acceleration. Also don't remove too much camber on your front tyres, as this would increase tyre wear. Instead keep the camber set to default.

Should I have a stiff or soft suspension around Spain?

We recommend softening your suspension setup as much as you can around Spain in F1 2019. It is a circuit where you want to attack the kerbs as much as possible to find the most lap time.