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Monaco F1 2019 Setup Guide Overview

Monaco is one of, if not the most difficult circuits to drive in F1 2019. It is one where many struggle to both keep the car out of the wall, and maintain a solid lap time.

However if you can put in a quick time during Saturday’s qualifying session, you could manage the race pace from the front. This is because it is almost impossible to overtake around the Monaco F1 track.

Monaco strategy 101 – Maximise your Saturday performance, stick the car on pole and then manage your own pace from the front.

Monaco is one of the only tracks where you are recommended to run a maximum downforce setup. Downforce is absolutely key in F1 2019 around Monaco, so should be priority. However you may want to run a 10-11 downforce setup to allow for a little speed down the pit straight and out of the tunnel. These are the only two overtaking spots, and the sections where you are most vulnerable to attack.

During the Monaco race, if you have achieved pole position, your main aim to maintain good tyre wear. Due to the very slow corners there is a tendency to over heat the rear tyres through all of the hard acceleration points. To combat this you should run the on-throttle differential in its most open setting at 50%. This will help limit tyre wear, allowing you to run the best strategy possible in the race.

Also try to run a fairly soft car setup as you will be utilising kerbs throughout the circuit, and there are also a lot of elevation changes. You want to aim for consistency during the race and a soft car setup will help you manage that.

How To Best Drive The Monaco Grand Prix Circuit in F1 2019

My rear tyres keep wearing too fast around Monaco, help!

The best solution to managing your rear tyre wear is to open your on-throttle differential to 50%. This will help keep traction exiting corners. You can also lower your rear tyre pressures to help stop you from breaking traction and overheating your tyres.

How do I stop from spinning out around the bumps at Monaco?

Run a soft car setup. Around Monaco you will be constantly driving over bumps and riding the kerbs. Keeping a soft setup and a balanced ride height will help avoid you from bottoming out or just bouncing off a bump and spinning.