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The Brazilian Grand Prix is one of the funniest, yet most technical on the F1 calendar. The track isn’t very wide in places and you have to be very precise with your car positioning. Overtaking chances are limited around the Interlagos F1 circuit due to its twisty nature. There is a very good overtaking spot at the first corner after the long sweeping full speed pit section.

To really maximise your lap time potential around Brazil you need to have a very stable and well balanced setup. Despite the technical nature of the Brazilian circuit, you wont need to run overly high amounts of downforce. More importantly you should be running higher rear downforce to keep the rear of the car in contact with the circuit around the long sweeping turns.

Due to the majority of corners being very slow around Brazil the track is very heavily rear limited. You need to be able to manage your rear tyres and limit wheel spin throughout the track and the race.

In turn setting up your car to have an open differential and lower tyre pressures should make up a key part of your overall setup. In turn, because the front tyres wont wear too fast, you can setup your suspension geometry to give you better turn in. This allows you to reduce your front downforce a little.

The main element which makes a good setup around Brazil in F1 2019 is stability. Due to the twisty nature you want to consistently be able to position the car where you need it. Stability and consistency is paramount here.