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The Belgium Grand Prix circuit is one of the most famous in the world. Home to the famous Eau Rouge corner, Belgium is notoriously difficult to create your car setup for.

There are a couple of very long straights where you need to maximise your top speed. Both long straights end with heavy braking zones and are great overtaking points. You don’t want to run too much rear downforce and be a mobile chicane along these straights.

However you also need to create a stable setup to help the car stick throughout the sweeping corners found throughout this track. Running a super low downforce setup at Spa is the normal route, whilst creating balance in your suspension setup. Due to tyre wear not being overly high at Spa, you can run more aggressive on your suspension geometry which will help your mid corner stability, and allow you to run lower overall downforce.

Overall, the circuit at Spa Francorchamps is a brilliantly fun circuit to drive once you have your setup nailed. It is super fast, and will really push the drivers limits through some of the quicky corners. It is a true drivers circuit.

How To Best Drive The Belgium Grand Prix Circuit

How can I stop spinning at Eau Rouge?

Eau Rouge is possibly one of the hardest corners on the whole F1 calendar. Too much throttle at the top of the hill and you will spin. To avoid spinning, feather the throttle as you go up hill and over the crest. Also soften your suspension and increase rear downforce to help here.

Should I prioritise downforce at Belgium in F1 2019?

You should run a very low downforce setup at Belgium. The circuit is one of the fastest on the calendar. As long as you run enough rear downforce to keep the rear stable you can lower it right down. Try softening the suspension and running aggressive suspension geometry to generate more stability. But keep that downforce very low.