Introducing The Best F1 2019 Car Setups

The best F1 2019 car setups, inc setups from the F1 gaming community, racers at the top of the world leaderboards & Esport professionals.

Sim Racing Setup is home to the best F1 2019 car setups available. The track specific setups you will find above have been created by some of the fastest league racers and F1 ESports professionals. We also have amazing setups created by you guys, the F1 2019 community. You will find the best setups for career mode, time trial and league racing for every track on the F1 calendar.

If you want to upload your own F1 2019 setup, or a setup for any other game, you can do so here.

Different Types Of F1 Car Setup

Within the track pages above, you will find individual car setups for every track on the Formula 1 calendar. The goal of these F1 setups is to improve your performance around each circuit on F1 2019.

Some setups make the car easier to drive, which is especially helpful around tricky to drive circuits such as Monaco. Where as other setups are orientated towards pure speed, helping you improve your lap time around each circuit.

Ensuring your car is setup correctly will allow you to drive much more consistently at a faster overall pace. In the time trial mode within F1 2019, speed is key. You will therefor want to setup your car to deliver as much speed as possible. During time trial you wont have to worry about managing tyre wear and ERS consumption. These car management factors have been deactivated for this game mode. This gives you the best platform to drive as quickly as you can to try and place high on the global leaderboards.

Time Trial Car Setups

Those drivers who sit at the top of the global leaderboards all use a custom setup. And these custom setups can be found in the setup pages above. These setups are designed to extract as much performance as possible from the car making it as fast as possible.

While these are fantastic examples of a good car setup, they wont always be as effective as you would like within career mode or league racing. This is because they have been designed to not worry about tyre wear. When used in a game mode where tyre wear is enabled these setups will often be very heavy on tyre wear. This is because they are designed to go fast and not manage tyre temperatures.

You will often find the quickest time trial setups have tuned the car to deliver maximum grip. You achieve this by limiting camber and maximising toe. You’ll also want to set the differential settings to higher than normal. These setup changes increase drive-ability out of corners and give you maximum acceleration. However, this style of setup in a race environment will spin the tyres more, increasing tyre wear.

Career Mode & League Racing Car Setups

Despite our talk of time trial mode, you will find that many of the F1 car setups above have been setup for career mode and league races. These setups do take in to account tyre management and are optimised to manage it well. And they are designed to allow you to be as quick as possible within the limits of the car.  Their goal isn’t to extract every bit of performance out of your tyres. Instead they manage the trade off between better lap times and better tyre management.

To read about how to best manage tyre wear read our 5 techniques to improve tyre wear in F1 2019 guide.

You will find the best F1 car setups on Sim Racing Setups. And these setups are perfectly balanced between speed and tyre management. Every car setup on our website is rated from 0-5 stars. This allows you to quickly find the best setups as rated by the community. If you are looking for a specific type of car setup we would recommend reading the description on each setup’s page and trying a few out. You can try out setups during practice sessions in your career mode, and we would highly recommend this.

F1 2019 Setup FAQs

Is there one single F1 2019 setup which is best for every track?

We would advise you use a different car setup for every track, as each track is different. We have the best car setups for every track in F1 2019, which you can see by clicking the track setup images above.

How can I create my own car setup in F1 2019?

Making a good custom car setup in F1 2019 can be tricky, however, it is much easier when you know what each part of the setup does and how it affects the car. We have a really good car setup guide for F1 2019.

Do you have an F1 2019 car setup guide?

We have a great F1 2019 car setup guide, which details how each element of your car setup will affect the performance. Read our complete F1 2019 car setup guide here.