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Spa-Francorchamps Bentley Continental GT3 Setup

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Hot Lap
Lap Time
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Dry F1 2020 Setups


Toe: FL: FR: RL: RR:
Camber: FL: FR: RL: RR:
Caster: FL: FR:


TC: 3
ABS: 4
ECUMap: 1
Telemetry Laps: 0
TC2: 0

Mechanical Grip

Front Anti-Roll Bar: 5
Rear Anti-Roll Bar: 3
Brake Power:
Brake Bias: 60
Steer Ratio: 10
Preload Differential:
Wheel Rate: FL: FR: RL: RR:
Bumpstop Rate: FL: FR: RL: RR:
Bumpstop Range: FL: FR: RL: RR:


Bump: FL: FR: RL: RR:
Fast Bump: FL: FR: RL: RR:
Rebound: FL: FR: RL: RR:
Fast Rebound: FL: FR: RL: RR:


Ride Height: Front: Rear:
Rear Wing / Splitter: Wing: 4 Splitter: 0
Brake Ducts: Front: 2 Rear: 1

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