Assetto Corsa Competizione Honda NSX GT3 Evo Setups

Below are all of the Assetto Corsa Competizione Honda NSX GT3 Evo Setups for every track. Choose a track below to see the whole setup, and download the JSON setup file.

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Honda NSX GT3 Evo Car Setups

Being the only Japanese car on the GT3 grid, the Honda NSX should get more love than it does in the ACC community. However it’s a car which is generally looked at as one of the worst of the GT3 bunch.

The dev team behind Assetto Corsa Competizione try to match every in-game cars performance to that of the real GT World Challenge series. And by doing so, cars like the Honda which under perform in real life, tend to under perform in game too.

Out of the box, running the default setups, the Honda NSX tends to be a little oversteer happy. Although this can be corrected with a good setup.

To get the most out of the NSX, try one of our setups above, as they are tuned to maximise the performance.

And in the end, try the Honda NSX, and if you enjoy driving with it, then stick with it. Ultimately the bulk of lap time is driver led, not car led, so you should still be able to perform well, especially with one of our custom setups. 😉


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