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Ginetta G55 GT4 car setups

All Ginetta’s are typically fun to drive. If you ever drove any of the Ginetta’s in the Project Cars game series you will know how good they are to drive. Now that the G55 GT4 car has been included in to the ACC lineup, using the ACC physics engine, it feels better than ever.

The Ginetta is a car which feels incredibly light and nimble. And it also feels incredibly raw to drive. You can drive aggressively in the Ginetta, although you must maintain a clean line through corners. As the G55 GT4 hates kerbs a lot. In a similar fashion to how the Alpine handles kerbs, the G55 can be thrown about widely from some of the larger kerbs in game.

The Ginetta can be fast out of the box, but really benefits from a good setup. Try one of the car setups above for maximum performance potential.

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