Free & Premium Assetto Corsa Competizione Setups

Below are all of our Assetto Corsa Competizione setups for Xbox, PS5 and PC. Browse our setups by choosing your car to view all of the ACC car setups available for that car.

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Car Setups

Why Use Our ACC Setups?

Sim Racing Setups features Assetto Corsa Competizione car setups that have been created by some of the best sim racers around, along with our very own community. All of our car setups are designed with one purpose in mind, to help you go faster in Assetto Corsa Competizione. Some car setups focus more on race pace and stability, while others emphasise one lap pace.

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Optimsied To Maximise Your Pace
Each of the ACC car setups on Sim Racing Setups are designed to help you improve. Some focus on overall pace, while others increase car stability for longer runs. But each setup is designed to allow you to push the car, feel more comfortable and ultimately lap faster.
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Created By Professionals
There are a range of free ACC car setups available, which have been created by our community. Each car also features a premium setup bundles. These bundles have been created by some of the fastest ACC drivers around, including Esports pros, and competitive ACC racers.
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Free Car Setup Updates
When purchasing car setups from Sim Racing Setups, you will receive any car setup updates for free. You won't need to re-purchase a car setup, unless there is a major update to ACC. Find out how to download free car setup updates in our guide here.

ACC Car Setups For All Cars & All Tracks

Using the links above, you'll find a range of car setups for every car in Assetto Corsa Competizione, across all tracks, inlcuding complete setup bundles. The ACC setup bundles available include car setups for every track in ACC. The premium ACC setups on Sim Racing Setups are updated regularly to reflect updated in-game physics and BoP changes. And all setup updates are free to everyone who has previously purchased that car setup bundle.

Assetto Corsa Competizione cars and tracks
Assetto Corsa Competizione cars and tracks

How To Use These Setups on Xbox & PlayStation

All of the Assetto Corsa Competizione setups on our website are available to use on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. You can quickly install any setup on PC using the JSON file that is included in the setup file download by simply copying it into your ACC setups folder on your PC. Howver, using ACC car setups on Xbox and PS5 is a little bit more of a lengthy process as you cannot install the setups using a JSON file.

To make things easier, we've created an quick and easy-to-follow tutorial on how to use ACC car setups on Xbox and PlayStation. Click the button below to read our complete guide, and start racing with new car setups right away!

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Get Professional ACC Setups From Coach Dave Academy

Remove the guess work and get a head start with incredible Assetto Corsa Competizione setups. Made by Aliens, for Humans.

Assetto Corsa Competizione Setups Xbox, PlayStation & PC

Assetto Corsa Competizione is a sim racing title that is available across all platforms, including PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. With that level of compatibility comes an influx of sim racers picking up their racing gloves. Assetto Corsa Competizione is a fantastic sim racing title, with one of the best GT3 and GT4 physics engines going.

ACC does a fantastic job of providing the player with a good selection of preset car setups. These setups range from aggressive to balanced with more aggressive setups being slightly harder to drive, but having a higher potential in terms of better lap times. These default car setups give sim racers the chance to test each car with a variety of setups without adjusting anything.

The great thing about the default car setups in ACC, is that each setup has been individually tweaked for each track in the game. The aggressive setup on Monza is vastly different from the aggressive setup for Brands Hatch for example. This is a nice touch by the developers to spend time creating these setups to ensure they perform as well as possible on each track.

However, the default car setups in ACC aren’t necessarily the quickest setup for every scenario. For those who are looking for a more refined ACC setup for Xbox, PS5 or PC, we have you covered.

Our website, Sim Racing Setups, has a wide selection of ACC setups for every car in Assetto Corsa Competizione. You can use our links above and in the sidebar to search for ACC car setups by specific cars. Or you can view all of the car setup bundles available using the button below.

Premium ACC car setups

While we do have a range of free ACC car setups listed on Sim Racing Setups, we also sell a variety of premium ACC setups. The free car setups that are listed can be downloaded completely free of charge and do not require an account to download. Each of the free car setups has been created either by our team or by members of the ACC community.

The premium ACC setups that are available have all been created by professional sim racers. These setups are more focused towards maximising the speed available from each car and the setups are updated regularly to reflect changes in both the ACC physics and each LFM BOP update.

In each of the premium ACC setups available on Sim Racing Setups, you will find a range of setup files. These include;

  • Qualifying setup
  • Race setup
  • Wet setup (Where stated on the ACC setup page)
  • LFM race setup

The majority of premium ACC setups on Sim Racing Setups are complete bundles that include all of the above car setups for each track in Assetto Corsa Competizione. This means that the setup bundle file will be downloaded as a .ZIP file. Inside this folder, you will find individual folders for each track that is included in the ACC setup bundle.

Then, inside each track’s folder, you will see the individual qualifying and race setups as JSON files. These can be copied directly into your ACC car setups folder and they’ll be instantly added to your setup screen in game.

As a bonus, in many of the ACC setup bundles, you will also find multiple variants of each car setup. These are listed as V1, V2 and beyond. Each of these setups features individual changes and tweaks that make each setup handle slightly different. Not every bundle includes multiple setup variations, but many do.

LFM car setups

Low Fuel Motorsports (LFM) is one of the most popular competitive sim racing platforms for Assetto Corsa Competizione. Each week, LFM runs a new season where sim racers can compete in online multiplayer races to improve their season standings in a ranked race system.

All LFM races use a custom BoP (balance of performance) which is designed to bring each car in ACC closer in terms of performance. This can be achieved by adding or removing ballast to equalise performance across the field of cars.

LFM updates the BoP each week on a Sunday which marks the start of each new season. This BoP adjustment can have an effect on your car’s behaviour which can sometimes require a car setup tweak to maximise performance.

All ACC car setups that are created by Jose Lopez include updates to ensure each car is working well for each LFM season. You can view details of the setup updates on each ACC setup bundle’s download page to see when it was last updated and what each update includes.

ACC setup JSON files vs detailed setups

On PC, the easiest way to download and use ACC car setups is via a JSON setup file. These files allow players to quickly import a new race setup at the click of a button. This is a fantastic way to share setups and to trial a selection of ACC setups quickly.

However, we don’t have this option available to us for the Xbox and PS5 versions of Assetto Corsa Competizione. There isn’t currently a way to share setups easily or download other players’ ACC setups on console.

This has led us to detailing each free ACC setup that is uploaded so Xbox and PlayStation sim racers can manually input new setups. On the setup page for free community-created ACC car setup, you’ll be able to see the detailed setup without having to download a file. This lets you see setup details such as the exact camber angles, through to the full mechanical setup. From here, you can input these values into your ACC setup screen on your Xbox or PS5 console.

You can try any of the ACC setups above on console, by simply inputting the setup details on your console. Yes, it may take a minute longer than simply importing a setup file. However, this is currently the best route for Assetto Corsa Competizione console players to try new setups.

Free ACC setups created by the community

All of the free ACC car setups on Sim Racing Setups have been created by the Assetto Corsa community. These are setups created by sim racers, for sim racers. This gives you the confidence that all of the ACC setups on Sim Racing Setup have been tested, and used in game. If you are looking for premium car setups, you can browse our ACC setup bundles which are updated regularly to reflect in-game changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Assetto Corsa Competizione setups for Xbox and PS4/PS5?

All of the setups on our website can be used on the Xbox and PlayStation versions of ACC. All car setups included the detailed settings for every part of the setup. You can copy these values into your car setup screen in ACC on PC, Xbox and PS5. Alternatively, you can download the JSON setup file and copy that to your setup folder on your PC.

How do I use these Assetto Corsa Competizione setups on Xbox & PS4 / PS5?

To use any ACC setups on Sim Racing Setups, you can view each setup value on the setup page, and then copy each part of the setup detail directly into your car setup screen on Xbox and PS4 / PS5.

Who creates these ACC setups?

The setups listed here are all created by either the SimRacingSetups team, the ACC community and professional ACC setup creators. You can view the setup creator on each setup page and even browse all ACC car setups by individual creators.

Where can I find good free ACC setups?

We have a range of free ACC setups on Sim Racing Setups. The setups have been created by members of our community and our team. You can search for specific ACC car setups using the car selector on our Assetto Corsa Competizione page above.