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Setup Bundle – ALL Tracks – Dry & Wet – McLaren 720S GT3 Evo

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This product includes:
Race & quali cars setups for all tracks in Assetto Corsa Competizione
Dry + Wet setups created for the McLaren 720S GT3 Evo
Console ready
McLaren 720S GT3 Evo All Tracks Bundle
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June 13, 2024

Wet setups for every track will be added in future updates.

Unleash the ultimate racing potential with our cutting-edge setups for the latest Kunos Simulazioni masterpiece: the McLaren 720s Evo. As one of the fastest cars currently available, this high-performance vehicle is a true force to be reckoned with on the track.

Crafted specifically for the discerning racers of Assetto Corsa Competizione, our setups are tailored to perfection, ensuring you extract every ounce of speed and precision from the McLaren 720s Evo. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice looking to improve your lap times, our setups provide the ideal solution, giving you a competitive edge with minimal effort.

We take pride in offering meticulously optimised setups for the latest version of Assetto Corsa Competizione, version 1.10. With our setups, you can rest assured that compatibility will never be an issue, allowing you to focus solely on your performance and racing experience.

But that’s not all. We have exciting news for those who crave the thrill of racing in adverse weather conditions. Soon, we will be including rain setups as part of our package at no extra cost. Prepare to conquer the rain-soaked tracks with confidence and finesse, as our setups are designed to tackle the challenges of wet weather racing.

Our mission is to cater to a wide range of racers, from aspiring amateurs to seasoned pros. That’s why our setups strike the perfect balance between professionalism and accessibility. With our expertly crafted configurations, you can elevate your driving skills and achieve remarkable results, pushing your limits and surpassing expectations.

Experience the unrivalled performance of the McLaren 720s Evo in Assetto Corsa Competizione like never before. Take the first step toward racing excellence by acquiring our setups today. Join the ranks of elite drivers who rely on our expertise to dominate the track, and unlock your true potential behind the wheel.

Average temperatures

  • Air 20º
  • Track 27º

Car Setup Updates

  • Updated on 14.06 | Kyalami V4, LFM 25 Min V3, Qualy Pro V2, Wet V3
  • Updated on 07.06 | Barcelona V5, LFM 25 Min V3, Qualy Pro V2
  • Updated on 27.05 | Donington V2 + LFM 25 Min V2 + Qualy Pro & Suzuka V3 + LFM 25 Min V2 + Qualy Pro
  • Updated on 20.05 | Zolder V4 + Qualy Pro + LFM 25 Min V2 + Qualy Pro
  • Updated on 30.04 | Oulton V3 + LFM 25 Min V2 + Qualy Pro
  • Updated on 15.04 | COTA V3 + LFM 25 Min V2 + Qualy Pro
  • Updated on 04.04 | Nordschleife V2 + WET + Qualy Pro
  • Updated on 01.04 | Nordschleife
  • Updated on 07.03 | Redbull Ring V2 + LFM 25 MIN V2 + Qualy Pro V2
    drive Ready
  • Updated on 15.02 | Paul Ricard Qualy Pro + Misano V3 + LFM 25 Min V2 + Qualy Pro + Hungaroring V3 + Wet V2 + LFM 25 Min V2 + Qualy Pro
  • Updated on 08.02 | Mount Panorama V3 + Wet V2 + LFM 25 Min V2 + Qualy Pro
  • Updated on 01.02 | Valencia V2 + WET V2 + LFM 25 MIN V2 + Qualy (Pro) + Nurburgring V2 + WET V2 + LFM 25 MIN V2 + Qualy (Pro)
  • Updated on 25.01 | Redbull Ring R+Q + LFM 25 MIN + Qualy (Pro) + Kyalami Qualy (Pro)
  • Updated on 18.01 | Barcelona V4 + LFM 25 MIN V2 + (Qualy Pro) + Imola (Qualy Pro)
  • Updated on 14.01 | Spa (Qualy Pro)
  • Updated on 07.01 | Watkins V3 + Wet V2 + LFM 25-Min Setup V2 (Qualy Pro) + Silverstone V3 + Wet V2 + LFM 25-Min V2 (Qualy Pro) + Brands Hatch (Qualy Pro Setup)
  • Updated on 20.12 | Kyalami V3 + Wet V2 + LFM 25-Min Setup V2
  • Updated on 07.12 | Spa V3 + Wet V2 + LFM 25-Min Setup V2
  • Updated on 02.12 | Paul Ricard V2 + WET V2 + LFM 25 min
  • Updated on 23.11 | Zandvoort V2 + Wet + LFM 25-Min Setup
  • Updated on 16.11 | Oulton Park V2 + WET + LFM 25 MIN
  • Updated on 08.11 | Laguna Seca V3 + LFM 25-Min + Imola V3 + Wet V2 + LFM 25-Min
  • Updated on 02.11 | Brands Hatch V3 R+Q + Wet + LFM 25-Min Setup
  • Updated on 27.10 | Zolder V2 R+Q + LFM 25-Min Setup + Wet
  • Updated on 18.10 | Suzuka V2 + Wet + LFM 25-Min Setup + Barcelona V3 + LFM 25-Min Setup
  • Updated on 12.10 | Misano V2 + LFM 25-Min + Wet
  • Updated on 22.09 | Spa LFM 25 Min Setup
  • Updated on 14.09 | Cota V2 R+Q + Wet + LFM 25-Min
  • Updated on 08.09 | Indianapolis V2 R+Q + Wet + LFM 25-Min
  • Updated on 02.08 | Snetterton V2 R+Q + Wet + LFM 25-Min
  • Updated on 19.08 | Valencia V2 + Wet + LFM 25-Min + Imola V2
  • Updated on 11.08 Nurburgring LFM 25 min + Mount Panorama V2 R+Q + WET+ LFM 25 MIN
  • Updated on 06.08 Silverstone V2 + Wet + LFM 25 Min Setup + Laguna Seca V2
  • Updated on 29.07 Barcelona V2 R+Q + WET +Watkins V2 R+Q + LFM 25 MIN SETUP
  • Updated on 24.07 Hungaroring V2 R+Q + 25 min LFM setup + Hungaroring wet setup
  • Updated on 13.07 Donington V2 R+Q + 25 min setup v2. Nurburgring V2 R+Q + Kyalami V2 R+Q + Lfm 25 min V2
  • Updated on 09.07 Donington & Spa LFM 25 min Setups.
  • Updated on 20.06 Spa V2
  • Updated on 18.06 Spa & Imola wet setups
  • Updated on 11.06 Kyalami & Paul Ricard wet setups
  • Updated on 07.06 Donington & Watkins Glen Wet setups

Future updates will be free, for customers who have purchased the pack. (Except for some big sim physics changes that need a redone from all the setups )

  • Remember is not a perfect setup and you will always have to make small adjustments to your driving.
  • This bundle are ready for my own driving style.
  • Perfect for LFM type races.
  • They are ready for races with consistency.
  • The latest update (version 1.10) has changed all the physics in the game, so it’s important to adapt to them. In qualifying, it’s recommended to run with around 26.6 PSI to have maximum grip, while in the race it’s better to run with around 26.8 PSI to conserve the tires. Additionally, the traction control is now more sensitive, so it’s recommended to try out the different available options to find the one that best suits your driving style.
  • Readme is included in the zip. Please check before installing.
  • Contact Discord Email: [email protected]

The Jose López LFM Team : https://lowfuelmotorsport.com/teams/detail/2351

Understanding ACC Setup File Naming

When you purchase an Assetto Corsa Competizione, you will receive a zip file with a variety of different JSON setup files included. Each of these files will have a series of codes within the name. To help you decipher which setup is designed for which scenario, below is an overview of the setup names that you're likely to encounter when purchasing any setup from Sim Racing Setup.

  • R & Q: All setup will include either an "R" or "Q". Setups with "R" denote a race setup, setups with "Q" denote a qualifying setup.
  • LFM: Setups with the "LFM" tag are designed for the upcoming week's Low Fuel Motorsport race, and is designed using the custom LFM BOP.
  • Pro: Some setups are designed to be more aggressive allowing confident drivers to push their car. These are denoted with the "Pro" label.
  • Wet: Finally, any setup with "Wet" in its name are car setups designed for wet conditions.

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Setup Bundle – ALL Tracks – Dry & Wet – McLaren 720S GT3 Evo

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  1. Rossi46

    Love this car since it was added and these setups make it feel even better. Wicked. Thanks

  2. Lukasz poc


  3. Tobias jakobsen


  4. indihubi

    Super zum Fahren, vorallem wird immer wieder kostenlos erweitert, sehr zu empfehlen

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