Imola – Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO Setup

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This product includes:
3 Different setups for Imola in Assetto Corsa Competizione
Setups created for the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo
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Leo Sousa
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December 12, 2022

1 review for Imola – Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO Setup

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Imola - Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO Setup

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Based on 1 review
  1. Spa-King-1978

    Thanks for the setup, all three are really good and have helped me become faster. Thanks for including the console sheet too so I can use it on Xbox.

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Get Access to 3 different Setups for you to choose which fits the best to your style

Bonus: Tips to you build your own setup

Track Conditions: 22c 27c  Time: 1:40.827


Setup Bundle | All Tracks | Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO – SETUPS


Q. Does this Setups work for Qualifying, Race and Long Races?
A. Yes, the Setups were built looking for the greatest possible stability of the car and they adapt well to fast laps and short and long duration races.

Q. What are the chances that I will be faster with one of the three Setups?
A. The chances are very high because the Setups have progressive adjustments. The first one, and which usually works for most pilots, has punctual adjustments. The second is an evolution of the first and the third an evolution of the second. It is important to remember that Setups with very specific settings tend to work also for very specific groups of pilots who share the same characteristics. So I would say that in 50% of cases the Setup used will be the first, in 30% the second and in 20% the third

What people are saying about my Setups and Coach?

”Thanks for the Setup. I applied and immediately lowered my times” Marco Lazzarini

”Thank you very much for the analyse Leo! The precise turn-by-turn details really helped me to improve my lap time. I started with 43.8 and now i got 42.8″ Mateus Montemor

”I Got a Second with this Setup! I’m Happy!” Arda Berg

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