Where to Buy Thrustmaster Sim Racing Products: USA, UK & Europe

Thrustmaster utilises a range of resellers as well as selling directly through its own website, but where is the best place to buy Thrustmaster sim racing products in the UK, US, Europe and Asia?

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Thrustmaster compatibility

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Thrustmaster is one of the most well-recognised sim racing brands, along with brands such as Fanatec, Logitech and others. They have been known to create some of the best budget and mid-range sim racing products to allow sim racers with a variety of budgets to get started with sim racing.

One of the questions we get asked pretty frequently is where the best place to buy Thrustmaster products is. Originating from the United States, Thrustmaster has expanded to supply countries around the globe including those in the EU, Asia and Australia.

In most countries, you can purchase directly from Thrustmaster, but you also have a selection of resellers that can sometimes be a better place to buy at cheaper prices. In this Thrustmaster buyer’s guide, I’m going to look at the best places to buy Thrustmaster products at the best prices.

For more information on the ecosytem, read our Thrustmaster buyer’s guide for a detailed run down of all Thrustmaster racing wheels, pedals and peripherals.

Find a Thrustmaster retailer in your region

As mentioned, Thrustmaster does rely on a large reseller network to ensure sim racers in all countries can access its product lineup. This includes big companies such as Amazon, Best Buy, Micro Center and more. Depending on where you are located, you’ll have access to a range of different Thrustmaster resellers to buy from.

Below is a short overview of the most popular resellers in each region. I’ll look at these resellers and others in more detail below.

EuropeNorth AmericaAsia & Oceania
Amazon (Global)Amazon (Global)Amazon (Global)
Thrustmaster (Global)Thrustmaster (Global)Thrustmaster (Global)
Sim Demon (UK)Micro Center (US)Pagnian (AU)
Gamestop (DE)Best Buy (US)Edion (JP)
MediaMarkt (NL)Gamestop (US)
Micromania (FR)Advanced (CA)

View all Thrustmaster resellers.

Are Thrustmaster products cheaper through a reseller?

The real perk of Thrustmaster having so many localised resellers is two-fold. First, this ensures that there is always a reseller located in or near your country, and this can reduce import fees and shipping costs, and make collecting any Thrustmaster racing product much more convenient.

One of the big problems with some sim racing brands is the lack of a global shipping network. Many sim racing brands are located in the EU, which can sometimes make purchasing their products in non-EU countries slightly trickier and sometimes a lot more costly. For example, we are based in the UK which makes importing products from brands such as Fanatec and Simucube more costly than if we were based in the EU.

Thankfully, Thrustmaster’s large global network removes this issue when shopping for a racing wheel or pedal set from the American brand. In the UK alone, where we are based, there are over ten different resellers which makes buying a Thrustmaster product much more accessible.

Thrustmaster Resellers

Thrustmaster vs reseller price comparison

Prices across resellers changes all the time in line with stock levels and promotions. However, it is useful to see a side by side comparison of the price of a product if purchased through Thrustmaster or possibly the largest reseller Amazon.

I’m going to use the T248 as an example as that is one of Thrustmaster’s most popular sim racing wheels due to its low price point and solid performance.

When buying the T248 from Thrustmaster directly in the United States, the RRP is $399.99. When we look at the current price and the historic price on Amazon for the same T248 racing wheel bundle, the average is under $350. A pretty big saving of $50.

Thrustmaster T248 Price history

How long is Thrustmaster shipping?

Shipping and delivery times vary depending on reseller, with Amazon being among the best with next day prime delivery available in many locations. When buying directly from Thrustmaster, you get an option of free or premium delivery.

  • The standard Thrustmaster shipping in most countries is 5-7 days and is free of charge.
  • Express Thrustmaster delivery is 48-72 hours and comes with a premium cost of roughly €/$25 depending on your location.

Where to buy Thrustmaster sim racing products in the US and Canada?

When buying Thrustmaster sim racing products from the United States there are over 20 resellers, and over 16 resellers when buying from Canada. This gives you a huge amount of variety to choose from. I would recommend comparing the prices from the most popular resellers as each may be running different promotions and prices.

I would always recommend checking Amazon as a first port of call. They often have the cheapest prices among many resellers and they offer free next day delivery with a Prime membership and pretty easy returns should something go wrong.

Outside of Amazon, buying from Thrustmaster directly will ensure you have a complete warranty with Thrustmaster themselves rather than a third-party warranty. Below are the most popular places to buy when purchasing from the United States or Canada.

Where to buy Thrustmaster products in the UK?

If you are based in the UK, buying a Thrustmaster racing wheel, pedal or peripheral can be considerably easier than buying products from other sim racing brands. Many resellers stock Thrustmaster products including big names such as Argos, Very and Game.

Again, I would recommend checking Amazon directly first as they have been known to sell Thrustmaster products at vastly lower than RRP at different times during the year. Buying from Thrustmaster directly is always an option, although, you’ll normally pay the full RRP doing this.

Where to buy Thrustmaster sim racing wheels in Europe?

Where you can buy Thrustmaster products in Europe will vary greatly depending on which country you’re located in. Thrustmaster have plenty of regional shops for a variety of countries across Europe making direct delivery easy. There are also different resellers in each country if you fancy picking up a Thrustmaster produce locally.

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